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AC vs DC – What is the Difference?

AC vs. DC Electric current is the flow of electrons carrying electric charge. There are 2 types of electric current – direct (DC) and alternating (AC). In Direct Current the electron flow takes place only in one direction. A battery is a source of direct current. DC is widely used in many electronic circuits operating in low voltage levels. In Alternating Current, both voltage and current alternate in direction back and forth following a sine wave pattern. The number of cycles per second, Read more [...]

Five Easy Steps to Selecting the Right Switch

Although it is often one of the last components considered, selecting the correct switch is important when designing electronic equipment. Designers must be aware of the various options available in order to choose the most appropriate switch for any given application. The procedure of selecting the correct switch can be summarized this way: The requirements of the end user should be given consideration first The engineering aspects like load, contact materials, terminal type, voltage, circuit Read more [...]

What is Infrared?

What is Infrared? The electromagnetic spectrum has waves of various wavelengths. Human eyes are capable to seeing the light that form a small part of electro magnetic spectrum. The waves with shorter wavelength as well are longer wavelengths than the visible spectrum are not visible. Infrared are waves that have longer wavelengths than the visible spectrum. The wavelengths corresponding to the Infrared waves are in between 750nm to 1mm. Infrared waves cannot be seen but can be felt in the Read more [...]