Monthly Archives: January 2009

He’s at it again! New Vacuum Tube Amplifier from Steve

Wow! Congratulations to our customer, Steve White, on his recent interview with the The Peterborough Examiner where Steve talked about his made-from-scratch vacuum tube amplifiers. Steve sent some pictures of his latest project. He says it's the biggest and most powerful amp that he's made to date. Here a new one. This is the biggest and most powerful amp I've made yet! It's a Push-Pull-Parallel 6L6 putting out a conservative 80 watts per channel. I think I'll keep this one for a while.... It Read more [...]

7 Segment Displays

7 Segment LEDs or 7 segment displays are a type of electronic display devices used for displaying decimal numbers, in place of the more complicated dot matrix displays. 7 segment LEDs are used in a number of applications such as electronic meters, digital clocks and other such electronic devices. As the name suggests, these electronic components are made up from 7 segments that are used for displaying each of the numerals from 0 to 9. The segments are arranged in a rectangle pattern with two Read more [...]

Meet the Amazing Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta was a renowned Italian physicist who is very popular for his work in the field of electricity. He was the first person to introduce the concept of an electric battery which was capable of producing a steady electrical stream. Napoleon gave Alessandro Volta the title of count in appreciation for his work. Later, in honor of the great Alessandro Volta, the unit of potential difference or electromotive force was named Volt. In addition, the phenomenon of conversion of light Read more [...]

How Do You Store Your Electronic Components?

Storing and retrieving a large number of electronic components like capacitors, resistors, LEDs, transistors, diodes, ICs etc. can be a daunting task not only because they are tiny but also because extreme temperature and humidity can deteriorate their performance. They also need careful handling as they are fragile and the tips can break easily. In addition, electronic components need to be protected against static electricity. To keep static electricity from damaging your sensitive electronic Read more [...]