Monthly Archives: May 2009

Solar Panels for Boats

Solar panels can easily be installed and utilized on boats for power. There is very little maintenance required to keep them in working condition and if properly installed, the solar panels should last 10 years or more. The first decision is what kind of solar panels to buy. The most efficient option are mono-crystalline solar panels. Not only are they efficient, they are the most widely available. You might also consider using poly-crystalline panels which are slightly less efficient as the mono-crystalline Read more [...]

Custom Tube Amps Are the Best Sounding

Steve White from Canada has been busy building more custom tube amps. Here's a beauty that Steve painted 'caterpillar yellow' Here's what Steve had to say about his latest project: So, here's the new Caterpillar tube amp. Geared to appeal to the heavy machinery crowd. Painted the classic Caterpillar yellow with brilliant white sparkles in the paint. Painted by Joel my painter. This amp is 40 watts per channel. 355vdc on the plates of the 6L6 tubes. Selector switch to Read more [...]