Monthly Archives: February 2010

SodaStream – a great gadget that’s green!

I am always looking for the next best gadget to add to my life. Today, I stumbled across the SodaStream and I wondered why I hadn't heard of this before! The premise behind the SodaStream is that it takes ordinary tap water and turns it into soda water (or flavored soda) in a few seconds. Not only it is good for the environment (no cans, 2 liter soda bottles, C02 cartridges are recycled, etc), it's also kind on your wallet. You can make a quart of flavored soda for about $0.41/quart. Of course Read more [...]

Transfer VHS to DVD – Computer Not Required

Just a few short years ago, the only way to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD was to use a service - usually starting at about $35.00 per one hour worth of tape. The price slowly dropped as new technology was introduced. Consumers could purchase DVD-recorders, connect them to their TVs and transfer tape that way. The process was not always simple and many rejected discs later, most consumers gave up. Fast-forward a few years, and now for about $200, Sony's DVDirect® DVD Recorder MC6, model #VRD-MC6 Read more [...]

How Much Your Electronic Toys Really Cost to Build

So you need to buy a replacement cell phone midway through your contract period. You check out the replacement cost and are shocked to find that the phone will cost you hundreds more than you paid to begin with. The truth is, the cost of electronic components used to build your portable electronics is a pretty high percentage of the gadget price. While the increased availability of surface mount electronic components has kept the prices in check overall, there are still some necessary components Read more [...]

Free Shipping for Super Bowl Sunday! (Saturday, too!)

Just in time for Super Bowl weekend....West Florida Components has a free shipping offer! Here's the 'catch': US shipments only. Good now through Sunday, February 7th, 2010, 11:59PM. Minimum order: $15.00. Use code: SUPERBOWL during the checkout process to get free shipping on your electronic components, parts and supplies. The best part is that we don't care if you're rooting for the New Orleans Saints or if you're an Indianapolis Colts fan....EVERYONE gets the free shipping discount. (Even Read more [...]