Monthly Archives: March 2010

10 Things Your iPhone Can Remote Control

Among the estimated 50,000 iPhone apps, you can find quite a few that make your life easier by functioning as a remote control. After looking at many, we found that these were the 10 coolest things (mostly electronic) that you can remote control with your iPhone. Using the Pocket BLU app, you can control your Blu-Ray Discs for playback, pausing, etc With a Keynote remote and the iWork suite, you can remote control your presentations For $2.99, you can buy a PhotoKeys Photoshop app which gets Read more [...]

How to Make Your Own LEDS? Whooooooooa

I found this how-to today on the great Popular Science web site. Now that I've read through the article - I am amazed that I've never seen these instructions written up before. Theodore Gray, who authors their popular "Gray Matter" column, gives the full scoop on the basic materials used to construct LEDS and provides the basic instructions needed to see just how LEDS work. OK, it is not so easy to find some synthetic silicon carbide (carborundum) laying around, but surely everyone could Read more [...]