Monthly Archives: July 2010

HTC Incredible’s real price tag: $163.35

iSuppli's Teardown Analysis Service conducted a study of the cost of materials for the HTC Incredible. The total was $163.35 for the parts and electronic components used to build the smartphone. Nearly 20% of the cost of the handset is from the processor which cost $31.40. Right behind the processor was the display and touch screen which is manufactured by Samsung. The display, which is an advanced Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED), cost $31.20. In third place was the memory Read more [...]

Solar & LEDS: Tech company’s new and improved business model

Applied Materials announced this week that it was planning a major restructuring of it's business. The goal? To place a "primary emphasis" on LEDS and crystalline silicon solar panel technology. This restructuring would effect the bottom line of the company in many ways including the elimination of 400 - 500 jobs and the closing of their thin-film solar technology lab among other plans. The future of Applied Material's solar technology would focus on the crystalline silicon solar product development Read more [...]

How to Jailbreak an iPad

Jailbreaking an iPad If you have an iPad, you may be intrigued by the thought of jailbreaking it. Jailbreaking a device permits you to install and use third party applications and utility programs. In the case of a jailbroken iPad, you would be able to then run apps like Adobe Flash which is not available through the Apple OS, or access files like you can on a PC. One app that caught my eye was the multitasking app which would allow you to run multiple programs without having to save/close Read more [...]

Make an inexpensive & simple UV LED Torch

From our friends at instructables comes an easy project for use with UV LEDS. To make this simple project, here's what you'll need: 2 Ultra Violet LEDS 1 1/4W resistors (the value of the resistor needs to be calculated based on the forward voltage of the LED you use) 1 non-working 9V battery (or a 9V battery clip) 1 new 9V battery Pliers Solder Soldering equipment The full instructions on the Instructables site will show you how to put everything together. Once assembled, the light snaps Read more [...]

How to get unlimited free calls on your cell phone

Want to stretch your monthly minutes into an infinite number? Get over to Google, and sign up for Google Voice. Google Voice is a free service from Google that is basically a web based phone forwarding service. Except for international calls, it's totally free to use. What Google Voice does is give you a stand alone phone number which you can then give out as your regular phone number. Then you change your Google Voice settings to have calls forwarded to any of your phones - home, office or Read more [...]

More Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors now available!

We've updated our resistor inventory and added many more NOS Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors. Between the 1W values and 2W values, we now have over 150 different 1W and 2W carbon comp resistors on hand! Included in the selection are many Military (MIL-SPEC) Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors. The military resistors typically have a tighter tolerance than the standard resistors. Allen Bradley carbon comp resistors are valued for their consistency and uniformity. The Allen Bradley corporation Read more [...]

RoHS: Will the electronic component industry be shaken again?

The RoHS directives may get a some revisions from the European Union principals that have put the directives into place. Some of the expected changes will come in the form of exclusions that were formerly allowed and additional banned substances. The EU's Environment Committee and the Council of Ministers is expected to decide within the next 12 months what changes are made and the timetable for them to be put into place. What does this mean to end users of electronic components? For now, not Read more [...]

$50 for a 500GB laptop hard drive = great deal!

Running out of space on your netbook or older notebook computer? Here's a good deal on a laptop hard drive to expand your storage space: Samsung Spinpoint M7E HM501II 500GB laptop hard drive This is not a removable drive - you'll have to install this in your notebook computer and clone your old drive before installing. Worth the effort to double, triple or quadruple your storage space! To get the $49.99 price (including shipping), use code NBHDDSALE3 during the checkout process. Be sure Read more [...]

Rubber Feet : features and applications

Rubber feet have many different features and applications for the home, the workshop or in the manufacturing process. Here are some common features of the rubber bumpers that West Florida Components has on hand: low abrasion superb skid resistance easy to apply - just peel and stick does not stain or mar can absorb shocks and vibrations crack resistant is recognized by UL You can use adhesive rubber feet in many different applications. Some of the most common are: Sound dampening Read more [...]

Generating Energy: The future of clothing

We think of clothing as something to keep us warm, or as a way to show our individuality and fashion sense. But have you ever thought about your clothing as a source of energy? Researchers at the University of California at Berkeley are working on a way to embed nanotechnology into clothing to harness energy as we perform our routine daily tasks such as walking and exercising. The nano-electric fibers are so small, they are invisible to the naked eye. One day, researchers believe that clothing Read more [...]