Monthly Archives: July 2011

Great deal alert: 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $14.29 shipped after rebate

We always need thumb drives - they are indispensable at our workplace and at home. Here's a great deal on a plug and play 16GB flash drive with the latest technology for super fast data transfers. You can purchase this Corsair brand flash drive at NewEgg for $26.99 but by using coupon code EMCKCHH22 at checkout, and combined with free shipping and a $10 VISA rebate card, the bottom line price for this 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive comes in at $14.29. Besides being plug and play, this USB flash drive Read more [...]

Calling all Gardeners, Boaters and RV Enthusiasts: Dri-Boxes now in stock

West Florida Components is now a distributor for Dri-Box, a box perfect for keeping your electrical connections safe and dry. Each Dri-Box can hold a  power strips with up to 4 connections or transformers  or, in the case of the larger Dri-Box, a connection extension reel with up to 4 plugs or transformers plugged in.  The Dri-Box was originally developed to fill a need that existed for Christmas light enthusiasts which was how to keep lots of strings  of Christmas lights dry and organized - Read more [...]