Monthly Archives: November 2011

Cyber Monday deal: $24.99 to supercharge your laptop performance

We know there are tons of great deals out there today on Cyber Monday but we wanted to pass this one on to all our customers: Get 8GB 204 Pin DDR3 1333 RAM Laptop Memory by G.SKILL for $24.99 including shipping! If you have a laptop running 2 - 4GB of RAM right now, you can really give your notebook computer a major boost in performance. Important: This will work only if you are currently running the 64-bit OS version of Windows - don't waste your time if you are only running a 32-bit version. Read more [...]

Kindle Fire or iPad – which is the best tablet?

The iPad has been around a couple of years and has set the standard for tablet computers. Very often "iPad" has been synonymous for "tablet" the way that people use the word "Kleenex" for "tissues." There has been just no competition. We decided to compare the newest Kindle Fire from Amazon head to head with the iPad to see which was was preferred here at West Florida Components. Today's comparison will look strictly at the physical aspects of both tablets. Screen Size: The Kindle Fire has Read more [...]