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Using the Texy’s Mini TFT Screen for Your Raspberry Pi

The single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) is a wonderful device, but it needs a screen for you to see what it is doing. The Mini TFT screen from Texy's is just made for the RBPi and the kit comes in a beautiful Perspex box too, which makes it very smart and practical. The Perspex box has a neat slot in the corner for the RBPi-Camera, although you may have to add blu-tack to prevent the camera from popping out. The screen and display are pre-built and ready to plug into the RBPi GPIO socket. The Read more [...]

Use your Raspberry Pi as a Hi-Fi Player

If you use your Raspberry Pi (RBPi) in combination with a USB DAC and RuneAudio, it will become a Hi-Fi music player providing surprising sound quality. RuneAudio is a free and open source software that you can use with the single board computer for running the custom-built Linux distribution. The RuneAudio and RBPi combination replaces the PC or the laptop that you normally use as a digital source for music. Like other open source projects, RuneAudio also came to be born due to personal needs. Read more [...]

Pairing your Raspberry Pi with an SPI OLED

OLEDs are interesting because they produce very crisp and brighter displays than is possible with the regular Liquid Crystal Displays. Being made of thin films of organic molecules, OLEDs use less power than conventional Light Emitting Diodes and LCDs. Driving OLEDs from your Raspberry Pi (RBPi) can be a great project to learn about these nifty solid-state displays and the processes that drive them. Adafruit offers a lovely little monochrome SPI OLED module with a resolution of 128x32, driven Read more [...]

REX – a brain for robots

Not to be confused with Tyrannosaurus the king of beasts, REX is a complete development platform for sophisticated robotic applications. While most robotic designers use the Arduino platform as a base for their robots, Mike Lewis and Kartik Tiwari were not impressed with the available hardware. Their design, REX, is specifically targeted towards robots. REX poses no wiring hassles, has built-in battery inputs and has a robot programming environment that it boots up directly into. The duo felt Read more [...]

Goodbye breadboard! Hello Circuit Scribe!

Can you imagine using a rollerball pen and paper to create a fully functional circuit? That day is almost here. The Circuit Scribe works just like a regular ballpoint pen except that it is filled with a special non-toxic conductive silver ink that creates functional hand drawn circuits. The special conductive ink dries instantly. The Circuit Scribe will be a great tool for people who feel overwhelmed with learning about using an actual circuit board. It will also be a great tool for experienced Read more [...]

Gardening with the Raspberry Pi

Many of you may be garden enthusiasts and would welcome the idea of automating some of the maintenance requirements of your plants. For example, keeping tabs on the quantity of water that is required by the plants based on the moisture in the soil, the available sunlight and the environmental temperature might be easy for an experienced gardener. However, gardeners who have just started gardening find it a difficult equation to balance. Even an experienced gardener may have to depend on a novice Read more [...]

How to Paint with Light and Raspberry Pi

You can paint with light if you use a camera with large exposure times, while generating moving images with a Raspberry Pi (RBPi). Light painting is not new and traditionally images were hand-painted with a penlight. With the availability of cheap micro-controllers and addressable RGB LEDs, the idea of light painting has taken on a different meaning. Since the images are large, producing them requires huge amounts of memory, something that RBPi has ample quantities of. Adafruit has Digital Addressable Read more [...]

What is IFTTT? How can you use it?

Kevin Andersson has a lot to look forward to when he wakes up every morning. As soon as he puts his feet on the ground, all the lights in his home turn on. When he steps on to the weighing scale, the coffee maker activates itself to prepare a mug of steaming coffee. Kevin has made all these events possible by installing a motion sensor in his bedroom and connecting it to the lighting arrangement with the help of an internet service known as IFTTT, which is the acronym for "If This, Then That". Since Read more [...]

Monitor your health with Raspberry Pi & an E-health sensor

You can monitor various health parameters with your Raspberry Pi or RBPi. All you need to do is to use the e-Health Sensor Platform by plugging it atop your RBPi. This arrangement is especially helpful in performing biometric and medical applications where nine different body parameters are to be sensed: oxygen in blood or SPO2, pulse, body temperature, airflow or breathing, electrocardiogram or ECG, galvanic skin response or GSR or Sweating, blood pressure or sphygmomanometer and patient position Read more [...]

A Cross-Compiler for Your Raspberry Pi

Your pet dog knows it has to “Fetch” the Frisbee you throw out and to “Sit” when you command it to do so. The dog knows this since it has been trained to learn some commands. As its association with you grows, so does its vocabulary. As the dog is an intelligent creature, it sometimes chooses to ignore your commands, depending on its mood. Fortunately, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi does not have moods to ignore your commands. Not possessing any intelligence of its own, it faithfully obeys (or Read more [...]