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What is LED EOS failure?

LEDs, being semiconductor components, are susceptible to failure if overstressed electrically. This is true regardless of the manufacturer and electrical overstress or EOS is the leading cause of failure of LEDs. In fact, LED components are subject to transient conditions that can cause EOS and subsequently result in a catastrophic failure. Like all semiconductor components, LEDs too have their maximum specifications of voltage, current and power. An exposure beyond the maximum current or voltage Read more [...]

Designing Intelligent Lighting Systems with Constant Current LED Drivers

Sunpower LLP of UK has launched 25W constant current LED Drivers that facilitate designing of low wattage project style lighting and intelligent LED lighting control systems. The company has added the driver christened LCM-25 to its existing LCM series of constant current LED drivers for 60W and 40W. Apart from maintaining its output at a constant current while meeting the LED needs, the driver can be set up at varying levels ranging from 350mA to over an Ampere with the help of a built-in DIP switch. Read more [...]

ByteLight LEDS provide location based service

Not so very long ago, the friendly neighborhood supermarket had a security guard who would greet you in recognition and the store assistants could guide you since they knew what you usually bought. However, the introduction of huge shopping malls with their multiple floors has done away with anyone able to recognize even frequent customers, making the whole affair of shopping completely impersonal. However, things are about to change. GE Lighting and ByteLight are harnessing the next generation Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Lights up an RGB LED Matrix Panel

Colorful LED screens are a joy to watch. Bright LEDs making up a 16x32 display are not only easy-to-use, but also low cost – you may have seen such displays in the Times Square. Controlling such a display is simple if you use the low-cost, versatile, credit card sized single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi. Although the wiring is simple, the display is quite demanding of power when displaying. The items you need for this project are a 16x32 RGB LED Matrix Panel, Female-to-Female jumper Read more [...]

The Eavesdropping LED Street Lights of Las Vegas

LEDs have come into our daily lives almost without our noticing them and suddenly they are everywhere. People visiting Las Vegas may notice that streetlights there are LED based. That in itself may not be very surprising, except that the LED streetlights in Las Vegas are able to not only entertain with videos and music, they care about what you say. Furthermore, LED lights even watch while you speak your thoughts. That gives credence to the inevitable quip: “What happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Read more [...]

Making City Streetlights Smart with DALI

Big cities are changing over to LED lights for illumination of their streets. They find this to be a smart solution in terms of cost-reduction and efficiency. STMicroelectronics is taking an important next step by adopting LEDs for street illumination. They are doing this in conjunction with smart power supplies that turn the LED street lamps into intelligent devices. For example, the streetlamps reduce their brightness as the sun rises while gradually increasing their brightness with failing daylight. Read more [...]

LED High Bay Lighting Produces 23650 Lumens

Hubbell Lighting, the pioneer in lighting innovation, has recently launched LUNABAY. This is an LED high bay lighting for the company's high output categories, one that maintains an optimum efficiency of 95 Lumens per watt. The LUNABAY range can generate as high as 23,650 Lumens. Three levels of lighting are available in this range: 23,650 Lumens, 18,000 Lumens and 12,300 Lumens. Another aspect is the lights offer a CRI of 68 and is tagged with Uplight components. The LED high bay lighting ranges Read more [...]

The portable LED work light has an aluminum frame

Larson Electronics has launched a new portable LED work light rated at 150 Watts. It is mounted within an adjustable aluminum frame. Christened by the company as Explosion Proof, EPL-TFM-150LED-RT-100-2023 LED Light, It is rated for Class 2 Division 1-2 and Class 1 Division 1-2 in Groups C & D. The LED work light can generate light output of 12,000 Lumens for which it needs to draw a power of 150 watts only. The light head is 16 inches by 14 inches, mounted on a tubular frame made of light aluminum Read more [...]

Ultra-dimmable first retrofit premium 850 lumens LED lamps

Ledzworld, the Netherlands Company based in Amsterdam, has launched the world’s first ultra-dimmable retrofit LED lamp producing 850 Lumens from a single source. The product AR-111 LED lamp has been developed with several notable features incorporated with the user in mind. Ledzworld is a world-renowned company that has been a pioneer in harnessing LED technology and it is no surprise that they have come out with these LED lamps to be used in various places. This innovation is considered as an Read more [...]

How do battery powered pico-projectors work?

Once upon a time, very long ago, the projector world was ruled by the intense light of arcs. As they were rather unwieldy, xenon lamps took their place. With the unrelenting march of innovation, the era of OHPs or overhead projectors that could project images of transparencies, came into existence. These soon became obsolete as computers evolved and could be directly connected to projectors with LCD screens. The latest in line is the Pico-projector, which uses tiny batteries and the light from LEDs Read more [...]