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What is a battery and how do they work?

Batteries power most of our mobile gadgets. These are small chemical powerhouses, which generate electricity by the chemical reaction within the battery housing. Although there are different types of batteries available, all batteries contain cells that have two electrodes and a chemical or an electrolyte between them. Various combinations of series and parallel connections of the electrodes make up a certain voltage rating for the battery. For ease of understanding, we will treat the battery Read more [...]

West Florida Components in the community making LED Throwies

West Florida Components was recently invited to participate in a science experiments fair held in conjunction with the USF Education Department. Each business staffed a booth where elementary school aged kids along with their families could conduct science experiments. The community event was an opportunity for families to enjoy and see the benefits of science in a fun atmosphere. The West Florida Components station was one of about 18 stations at which participants could interact and have Read more [...]

Keeping up with the newest smartphones

Buy a smartphone in May, chances are that you can buy a bigger - better - upgraded - faster - prettier - cooler phone in June. It's been that way for years with PCs and notebook computers so why should the smartphone market be any different? I'm still waiting on my backordered HTC Incredible, but we already have 3 of them in service on our plan. They've quickly become the all-time favorite phone at West Florida Components. Powered by a 1GHz processor, these phones are fast! Other favorite features Read more [...]

How to extend battery life on your iPod

Doesn't it always seem to happen that the iPod battery dies just as you arrive at the gym? Here's a sad truth: the more complex and feature-laden your mobile handheld device is, the quicker the battery is drained. Fortunately, there are some non-essential apps and features that you can turn off on the iPod and other handheld devices that run on batteries. Here's a partial list of some apps and features on the iPod that can be adjusted to extend the life of your battery: backlight hold Read more [...]

Make a coin battery – great electronics project for kids!

What better way to illustrate how to build a basic electronic connection than to use coins to build a battery? Here's what you need: quarters or dimes aluminum foil blotter paper (see below) salt cider vinegar wire (short length of both black and red wire - ~16 gauge) 1 LED (any through hole LED) scissors pen or marker voltmeter (optional) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Trace the coins on the aluminum foil and blotter paper. Cut out 10 of each so that you have 10 circles of aluminum Read more [...]

Meet the Amazing Alessandro Volta

Alessandro Volta was a renowned Italian physicist who is very popular for his work in the field of electricity. He was the first person to introduce the concept of an electric battery which was capable of producing a steady electrical stream. Napoleon gave Alessandro Volta the title of count in appreciation for his work. Later, in honor of the great Alessandro Volta, the unit of potential difference or electromotive force was named Volt. In addition, the phenomenon of conversion of light Read more [...]