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How To Clean Potentiometers On Your Audio Equipment

How to Clean the Potentiometers on Your Audio Equipment If you have a dirty potentiometer, you probably will find out about it from the scratchy sounds your equipment will make when you adjust the volume control. Here's a simple and safe method to rid yourself of that noise: -Unplug your equipment -Remove the cover from the knob -Carefully use contact spray on the shaft of the potentiometer -Replace the knob -Plug your equipment back in and turn it on -Rotate the knob from one end of Read more [...]

The Basics of Potentiometers

Potentiometer Basics A potentiometer is a manually variable resistor. It has 3 terminals, one of which is connected to ground, the second to a current source and the third to a sliding contact that runs along a strip of resistor. The varying resistance is used to control other parameter like volume. Potentiometers are widely used electronic components used in volume control, brightness control etc. though recently they are being replaced by digital control circuits. A potentiometer can regulate Read more [...]