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What’s inside an Apple iPhone 4S?

We are always amazed when we see the complete list of components and parts that are in some of today's smartphones. Besides being the 'latest and the greatest' as far as technology goes, the parts are also getting smaller with every iteration and release. Take, for example, the Apple iPhone 4S. Looking beyond the plastic enclosures, the LCD screens and the cameras, there are hundreds of surface mount board level components needed to build just one iPhone 4S including capacitors, transistors, diodes, Read more [...]

Will a shortage of electronic components hurt holiday sales?

Analysts are wondering if a shortage of electronic components might lead to smaller supplies of smartphones, video game consoles and other personal electronics like MP3 players, which usually sell very well during the holidays. Jason Busch, the founder and Managing Director of advisory firm Azul Partners said “There are a lot of conflicting signals within the supply chain right now. The losers will be consumers who might not get the products they want and manufacturers who will see an impact Read more [...]

Android smartphone sales up a whopping 886%

Research firm, Canalys, reports that Android platform smartphone sales increased an amazing 886% in the 2nd quarter. An even bigger accomplishment is the fact that Android based phones now account for 34% of the market - topping all other platforms including Apple's popular iPhone platform. The press release from Canalys also reports that Android devices combined reached almost 475,000 units in Q2 2010 from no presence in the country a year ago. The Google-backed Android is available in phones Read more [...]

Keeping up with the newest smartphones

Buy a smartphone in May, chances are that you can buy a bigger - better - upgraded - faster - prettier - cooler phone in June. It's been that way for years with PCs and notebook computers so why should the smartphone market be any different? I'm still waiting on my backordered HTC Incredible, but we already have 3 of them in service on our plan. They've quickly become the all-time favorite phone at West Florida Components. Powered by a 1GHz processor, these phones are fast! Other favorite features Read more [...]