Goodbye breadboard! Hello Circuit Scribe!

Circuit Scribe

Can you imagine using a rollerball pen and paper to create a fully functional circuit? That day is almost here. The Circuit Scribe works just like a regular ballpoint pen except that it is filled with a special non-toxic conductive silver ink that creates functional hand drawn circuits. The special conductive ink dries instantly.

The Circuit Scribe will be a great tool for people who feel overwhelmed with learning about using an actual circuit board. It will also be a great tool for experienced electronics DIY-ers that need a quick circuit.

Take a look at the new kickstarter campaign that is bringing Circuit Scribe closer to production. They already have far exceeded their initial goal of raising $85,000 – in fact, as our blog post is being written, they have even surpassed their ‘stretch goal’ of $285,000. Amazing!