Solar powered LED light in a jar

We love finding products that make great use of solar electricity and our electronic components. How about a solar powered LED light in a mason jar? Perfect for your backyard porch or for mood lighting at a party – or even as a night light in your bathroom, bedroom or kitchen!

The ones we found at give you a choice – it can be a soft deep orange colored light (referred to as a ‘sun jar’) or a beautiful shade of blue (called a ‘moon jar’) just by flipping a switch. The solar panel inside the jar collects the sun’s rays during the day, and automatically turns on when the lights go down. So easy to use and the LEDS will burn for years! Can I just tell you how much we love this product?!

Of course we had to take our Sun & Moon light apart to see how they made it. Nestled inside the neck of the jar is a highly efficient solar cell which is attached to a rechargeable battery and two low power LEDS – one blue and one orange. On the bottom of the insert is a diffuser which spreads the light throughout the frosted glass container. The switch, which is located on the solar cell, can be switched to blue, orange or even ‘off’ for conserving more energy. Go get one – or two – or ten! They are great!