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Apple iPad vs Kindle Fire: Part 2

The other day, we compared some of the physical characteristics of the Apple iPad against the recently released Kindle Fire. Today, we will look at some of the other features and give you our overall impression. Content available: Both the iPad and the Kindle Fire can access movies, music, games, books and other reading material. The only difference is that the Kindle Fire uses Amazon to download the material and the Apple iPad uses Apple's iTunes software. Amazon has sweetened the deal a Read more [...]

Kindle Fire or iPad – which is the best tablet?

The iPad has been around a couple of years and has set the standard for tablet computers. Very often "iPad" has been synonymous for "tablet" the way that people use the word "Kleenex" for "tissues." There has been just no competition. We decided to compare the newest Kindle Fire from Amazon head to head with the iPad to see which was was preferred here at West Florida Components. Today's comparison will look strictly at the physical aspects of both tablets. Screen Size: The Kindle Fire has Read more [...]

An alternative to buying an e-book reader: Google ebookstore

With its eyes firmly focused on the ebook market which is reportedly about $500 million in annual sales, Google has launched it's ebookstore. A fast look at the ebookstore appears to make it a smart alternative to buying proprietary e-readers and ebooks like Amazon's Kindle device.  At the beginning of 2010, Amazon held about 90% of the ebook market - a number that is estimated to drop to about 35% of the overall market in the next five years. What is special about Google's ebookstore? Purchasing Read more [...]

How Much Your Electronic Toys Really Cost to Build

So you need to buy a replacement cell phone midway through your contract period. You check out the replacement cost and are shocked to find that the phone will cost you hundreds more than you paid to begin with. The truth is, the cost of electronic components used to build your portable electronics is a pretty high percentage of the gadget price. While the increased availability of surface mount electronic components has kept the prices in check overall, there are still some necessary components Read more [...]