Learn how to make a switch out of cardstock for your throwie.

So you've learned how to make a basic LED throwie and now you want to extend the life of your throwie.

You can add an on off switch by wiring one into your circuit or you can make an on off switch in a few seconds with just a small piece of cardstock (very thick paper).

Here's how:

  • As you assemble the LED throwie, insert a piece of cardstock between the longer (positive) lead of the LED and the battery. The cardstock should be about 1/2 - 1 inch longer than the diameter of the battery and no wider than the diameter of the battery. Since the cardstock is in between the battery and the LED lead, the LED should not be lit.

  • Take a second piece of cardstock that is the about a 1/4" longer than the width of your tape. Place this smaller piece of cardstock on the tape you have to wrap the throwie. The cardstock should go about 2 inches in. Then lay the LED and battery (with the longer strip inserted between the LED lead and the battery) on top of the cardstock that is on the tape.

  • Wrap the tape around the led, cardstock and battery.

  • Place the magnet on the NEGATIVE side of the battery.

  • Wind the tape around the throwie to complete.

  • Now it's time to activate your switch. Pull the longer piece of cardstock out. The LED throwie should now be lit!

  • You can turn the LED throwie off by reinserting the piece of cardstock in between the LED lead and the battery. It may be easier to insert it through the top of the throwie.