Perf Boards & Breadboards

Available in a wide variety of sizes, perf-boards are general purpose circuit boards with predrilled holes and preplaced copper pads. Perf-boards are perfect for quick circuits or prototyping using preexisting copper layouts. There are perforations every 1/10th inch, which permit common electronic devices to be mounted. On one side of the board around the insertion holes there are copper soldering rings so electronic parts can be soldered to the board. Perfect for wire wrapping and testing.

Breadboards are used for prototyping, quick and easy circuit testing and experimentation. They can be used over and over again for your circuit designs. Solderless breadboards are available in a range of sizes and with a variety of tie points. Both the breadboards and the copper perf boards are an easy way to make one-of-a-kind small designs.

Perf boards are copper laminated phenyl boards with pre-drilled holes and copper pads. Perf boards are usually quite thin and are used for prototyping quick circuits with electronic devices. A breadboard is also used in prototyping, and it helps in the easy and fast testing of circuits for experimentation. The same breadboard can be used several times as no soldering is involved.

In the case of perf boards, there is copper soldering on one of the sides of the board facilitating soldering of electronic components onto the boards. Perf boards are ideal for testing and for wire wrapping. Using breadboard and Perf boards make it easy to prototype unique designs. Perf boards are available in different sizes, while breadboards can be extended by stacking.