Electronic Components Package Terms

Many of these package types are still in current production, however we've included some types that are obsolete.

Not all manufacturers use all these packages and not all manufacturers use the same standards. Please refer to the individual manufacturer's spec sheets to confirm compliance.

BGA: Ball Grid Array

CBGA: Ceramic Ball Grid Array

CDIP: Glass-Sealed Ceramic Dual In-Line Package

CDIP SB: Side-Braze Ceramic Dual In-Line Package

CFP: Both Formed and Unformed CFP

CPGA: Ceramic Pin Grid Array

CZIP: Ceramic Zig-Zag Package

DIMM: Dual-In-Line Memory Module

DFP: Dual Flat Package

FC/CSP: Flip Chip / Chip Scale Package

HLQFP: Thermally Enhanced Low Profile QFP

HQFP: Thermally Enhanced Quad Flat Package

HSOP: Thermally Enhanced Small-Outline Package

HSSOP: Thermally Enhanced Shrink Small-Outline Package

HTQFP: Thermally Enhanced Thin Quad Flat Pack

HTSSOP: Thermally Enhanced Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package

HVQFP: Thermally Enhanced Very Thin Quad Flat Package

JEDEC: The JEDEC Standard for this package type.

JLCC: J-Leaded Ceramic or Metal Chip Carrier

LCCC: Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier

LGA: Land Grid Array

LQFP: Low Profile Quad Flat Pack

LPCC: Leadless Plastic Chip Carrier

MCM: Multi-Chip Module

MQFP: Metal Quad Flat Package

OPTO: Light Sensor Package

PDIP: Plastic Dual-In-Line Package

PFM: Plastic Flange Mount Package

QFP: Quad Flat Package

SDIP: Shrink Dual-In-Line Package

SIMM: Single-In-Line Memory Module

SIP: Single-In-Line Package

SODIMM: Small Outline Dual-In-Line Memory Module

SOJ: J-Leaded Small-Outline Package

SOP: Small-Outline Package (Japan)

SSOP: Shrink Small-Outline Package

TFP: Triple Flat Pack

TO/SOT: Cylindrical Package

TQFP: Thin Quad Flat Package

TSOP: Thin Small-Outline Package

TSSOP: Thin Shrink Small-Outline Package

TVFLGA: Thin Very-Fine Land Grid Array

TVSOP: Very Thin Small-Outline Package

VQFP: Very Thin Quad Flat Package

VSOP: Very Small Outline Package

Terms Used to Describe Dimensions and Characteristics:

Pins: The number of pins or terminals on the package

Pitch: The distance between the centers of adjacent pins (in millimeters)

Length: The length of the device (in millimeters)

Maximum Height: The maximum height above board surface form (in millimeters)

Thickness: The maximum thickness of the package body (in millimeters)

Width: The width of the device (in millimeters)