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Fairbanks Radio Schematics

Fairbanks Radio Schematics

Schematics for antique and vintage tube radios are available in jpg format. We have over 1000 brands models available for email delivery. Most of the schematics we have on hand are for radios from the 1920's - 1930's.

Some of the schematics may be slightly tilted. This is due to the fact that the printed schematic was not squared with the page. All the schematics are quite readable. In fact they are more easily read on the screen than on the printed originals.

With all these schematics at your fingertips you should be able to troubleshoot almost any older radio. Even if you don't have the exact schematic you will most probably have something close enough or at least the tube diagram to work with.

Be sure to select 'Email delivery of schematics' during the checkout process (under shipping charges) so that you are not charged a delivery fee. Upon receipt of payment, a jpg of the proper schematic will be emailed to you.

Fairbanks 9B