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What are Numerical Protection Relays?

Numerical protection relays protect power transformers and distribution systems from various types of faults. For power transformers, these faults include protection from distance, line differential, pilot wire, low-impedance busbar, high-impedance differential, frequency, voltage, failure of circuit breaker, auto reclosing, and synchronism faults. For power distribution systems, these faults include protection from overcurrent, under or overvoltage, directional overcurrent’s, and feeder manager Read more [...]

How are Transformers Protected in the Field?

For maintaining a power grid in continuous working order, power transformers play a critical part. As repair and/or replacement of components in a power grid typically has a long lead time, protection from faults has to limit the damage to a faulted transformer. Moreover, transformer faults need quick prevention, and certain protection features identify operating conditions that could cause a failure of the transformer. This includes over-excitation protection and temperature-based protection. Classification Read more [...]

The PiServer for the Raspberry Pi

If you were running an institution teaching computer programming to kids using Raspberry Pis (RBPis), then you would normally spend some time updating numerous RBPis with the latest Raspbian and copying over several files for the class. You can save a lot of time using the PiServer, and do away with the SD cards at the same time. The PiServer is a new piece of software tool that can easily set up a network of client RBPis connected to a single x86-based computer acting as the server. The various Read more [...]