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Do It Yourself Blynk Board

Those who have some experience with Do It Yourself (DIY) electronic projects, and are just starting to test the waters in the Internet of Things (IoT), the Blynk Board from SparkFun is an activity filled challenging exercise. Both experienced users as well as beginners will find this fun to set up and learn—the kit comes with more than ten projects. Of course, you can make this board work without the IoT Starter Kit from SparkFun, but then you will have to buy the sensors and other components Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Makes the Pac-Man Game Go 3D

Some avid gamers of today are not even aware of the video games that flourished in the seventies and the eighties. Those who have a collection of retro games may have given their children time to catch up with the old games. One such classic game from the 1980s, a very addictive one, was the pellet-guzzling arcade game with the name of Pac-Man, from Namco. One of the youngsters, Emanuele Coletta, has come up with a 3-D rendition of Pac-Man. Emanuele wanted to make something funny, while at the same Read more [...]

Brixo, Toaster & Jet Pack: Crowdfunded Hardware Designs

New Crowdfunded Hardware Designs If you possess an inventive streak, there are various places from where you can draw inspiration for your next big idea. Hardware designs on sites such as the Crowd Supply, Indiegogo, and Kickstarter can provide a spark to fire up your imagination and trigger a series of thoughts to lead you to your next discovery. Some inexpensive favorites are given below. Legos on Steroids – Brixo Brixo presents blocks similar to and compatible with those made by Lego, Read more [...]

Driving Motors and Servos with the ZeroPi

If you are looking for a development board for the 3-D printer you are designing, ZeroPi may be the best fit. Suitable for use with the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) single board computers, ZeroPi offers an integrated solution allowing makers to build projects easier and faster. This miniature board for the Arduino and RBPi is a next generation development kit ideal for maker projects that involve any type of robotic motion control including CNC milling and 3-D printers. According to technical Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Rover to Mine Water on Mars

Water is an essential chemical for sustaining any sort of life on the planet Earth. From what knowledge space explorations have provided us so far, this is true for life elsewhere in the universe as well, but there are deviations. Mars being our closest neighboring planet, it is only natural for us to try to locate water there. Additionally, with the human population on our home planet close to its saturation point, it is essential we plan to distribute the excess populace on nearby planets. For Read more [...]

Solar Powered Drone Beams Internet

Certain regions of the Earth are presently out of the ambit of the Internet. Nearly 10% of the population or more than 4 billion people live so far from fiber optic cables or cell towers that they are unable to reach the Internet. Facebook is set to end this isolation by having a drone fly overhead while beaming Internet down to such areas. At their Connectivity Lab, which is a division of Facebook's, researchers confirm the completion of such a drone. This is the first step Facebook Read more [...]

Leap Motion with the Raspberry Pi

Robots have the capability to work where humans would find it inconvenient. In fact, that is one of the reasons people build robots. For example, in areas where high amounts of nuclear radiation would be fatal for a human being, a robot can work happily. Science fiction movies have exploited this feature several times - a robot mimicking the hand movements of its human controller, when watched and manipulated from a safe distance. Now, with a few motion-controlled servos, Leap Motion and Raspberry Read more [...]

Play Chess with the Raspberry Pi

You could be an ardent chess player searching for a worthy opponent. A human opponent may not always be conveniently present, but a computerized player can be relied upon to be available at any time of your choosing. With the Single Board Computer, the Raspberry Pi, or RBPi, you can now play a complicated game of chess, provided you are willing to build a chessboard first. You will need an Arduino to control the chessboard and an RBPi to run the actual chess engine Stockfish, along with Chessboard, Read more [...]

Start Learning to Program the Arduino

Often, project builders are not sure of what they would like to build with their development boards. This happens mostly for two reasons – one, the user has just been introduced to the board and two, the user is unaware of the methods of interfacing and programming sensors, switches and other components. The second category of users is mostly those new to the world of development and in need of some hand-holding. A Starter Shield For these newcomers, Matt Wirth has proposed a Starter Shield Read more [...]