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How Do Air and Magnetic Hydraulic Circuit Breakers work?

Circuit breakers have replaced fuses in most electric circuits. As these are easy to select, install, and maintain, circuit breakers are more commonly employed as protection against over-current and shorts. For different applications, there are various types of circuit breakers available in the market. We will discuss two of them. Air Circuit Breakers Air circuit breakers use air as the medium for extinguishing the arc formed when the breaker trips. The air is usually kept in compressed form Read more [...]

How Long Does it take for a Circuit Breaker to Operate?

Electrical power systems all over the world use circuit breakers as important and critical components. As they play a key role, engineers periodically test circuit breakers. One of the most important test methods is the timing test, which measures the mechanical operating time of the breaker’s contacts. A timing test averts damage to a circuit breaker, as the incorrect operation of a circuit breaker prevents fatal consequences on connected equipment and substation personnel. Various measuring Read more [...]

Metal Bellows in Engineering Applications

Metal bellows are versatile and a key enabling technology for a wide range of engineering applications. They play an essential role in controlling motion, vacuum, and pressure. Numerous industry sectors use metal bellows in a broad array of machine assemblies and components. Being flexible, spring-like, and precision-engineered components, metal bellows are typically custom-designed, performing a variety of engineering functions. Metal bellows can convert temperature, mechanical, and pressure Read more [...]

How Does Ladder Logic Work?

Over the last 30 years, there has been a significant evolvement of ladder logic for industrial controllers. It now supports advanced functionality that includes data acquisition, networking, data manipulation, motion control, and process control. Designers starting a new control system are faced with many basic functions this tried-and-trusted language needs to perform, and it does so, almost effortlessly. Object Detection Detecting the presence of an object is one of the most pervasive functions Read more [...]

PiFM: A Pirate Radio with the Raspberry Pi

The popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), can work as a radio transmitter as well. Using a simple hack, you can turn your RBPi into a powerful FM transmitter with adequate range to cover a bike parade, high school ball game, silent disco, DIY drive-in movie, or even your entire home. However, the broadcast frequency covered by the RBPi is rather large—one to 250 MHz, and there is a possibility this will interfere with government bands. Therefore, it is advisable to limit the transmissions Read more [...]

A Drone-Disabler with the Raspberry Pi

Drones or quad-copters are now affordable, and it is possible to record unique perspectives using their high quality video transmissions. The FAA calls them the unmanned aircraft systems, and these have started posing new challenges to security, safety, and privacy. Experts have started cautioning pilots to consider the implications of the increase in drone usage. Apart from constant surveillance concerns, it is possible for hackers using roving drones to collect location information from mobile Read more [...]

The Next Generation Wireless Audio

We have been seeing wirelessly connected speakers for quite some time now, mainly using the Bluetooth technology. Although convenient, Bluetooth technology has its limitations because of bandwidth and range. The first to overcome this was Sonos who introduced Wi-Fi based wireless speaker system with their SonosNet mesh-networking technology. Several others followed, such as DTS’s Play-Fi, DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance, and Apple AirPlay among the leading few. The most recent is the Google Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi Goes Binocular

This project uses the popular single board computer, the Raspberry Pi (RBPi) and a spare pair of binoculars to view and take pictures. The LCD on the RBPi is touch enabled to make it easy to capture the images. To start with, you will need the appropriate Operating System for the RBPi. Download the Wheezy Raspbian OS from the Adafruit site, which will make it easy to interface the 2.8” TFT LCD with a capacitive touchscreen from Adafruit. Once download is complete, unzip the image and install Read more [...]

What Active Safety Systems do Cars Use?

As cars move towards independence from drivers, and become more self-reliant, they are also becoming smarter and safer. Manufacturers are using newer systems every year for the assistance of drivers with the systems increasingly employing advanced technology and data processing. Among such advanced technology range from automatic high-bean control to pre-collision braking systems, and these are now becoming the norm in practically all kinds of cars.At present, the active safety systems manufacturers Read more [...]

Can Electrocution Really Kill You?

Although cartoons tend to show a person being fried due to electrocution as the body flashes like fireworks with the bones visible to everyone, in reality, things do not work that way. Electricity does not actually fry you – unless you are struck by a thunderbolt. However, only a frighteningly miniscule amount of electricity is enough to snuff out your life. At the beginning, it is necessary to get some facts clear. Some major units used by electrical engineers are – volts, amperes, watts, Read more [...]