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What are Optically Isolated Relays?

Popularly, relays are known to be electromechanical devices. However, engineers today have access to solid-state relays that operate without any electromagnetic or moving parts. Where reliability and performance is paramount, engineers prefer to use solid-state relays to their electromagnetic versions. However, solid-state relays are more expensive. While traditional relays have several mechanical failure modes associated with moving parts, solid-state relays offer several advantages in performance Read more [...]


Relays Relays are electronic or electromechanical switches that operate under the control of an external circuit. Originally when first invented in 1835, electromechanical relays consisted of an electromagnet and a set of contacts. When the electromagnet was energized, it closed the contact by attracting a lever held by a spring. When no current is flowing through the circuit, the electromagnet got demagnetized and the spring pulled back the lever and the circuit was left open. This type of Read more [...]