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What are Capacitive Accelerometers?

In the electronic industry, there are various applications requiring accelerometers. For instance, the automotive industry uses accelerometers to activate airbag systems. Cameras use accelerometers to actively stabilize pictures. Computer hard disk drives rely on accelerometers to detect imminent external shocks that may damage the device—the accelerometer protects the device when an external shock is imminent. But, these are only a few applications for accelerometers. In reality, there are Read more [...]

Ultra-Low Pressure Sensors with High Accuracy

Board-mounted ultra-low pressure sensors are in great demand. Especially as they provide extremely high accuracy, as necessary for diverse designs like medical ventilators. Variable air volume control systems also need them for the conservation of building energy. These pressure sensors are useful for addressing problems that engineers face with limited space and reliability. Board-mounted ultra-low pressure sensors with high accuracy are available to measure differential, gauge, and absolute pressure. Board-mountable Read more [...]

Radar Sensors for Smart Homes Enable Energy Efficiency

With the increase in the application of smart homes, the number of connected devices is also growing. Although this is making the lives of users more convenient, it is also resulting in an increase in energy consumption. This is due to the devices being either permanently active or in standby mode, ready for use at all times, even when there is no one home. Now Infineon is offering their radar sensor, the XENSIV, to make smart homes become more energy-efficient. By an estimate, at present, there Read more [...]

Handling Grippers

Material handling in industries is increasingly relying on grippers. Industries, ranging from automotive assembly to electronics manufacturing, all handle their materials with grippers. The increasing requirement for grippers is evident from the market being worth $100 million in North America alone today, with the number expectedly growing by 5% annually. The sudden spurt in growth in the use of grippers can be attributed to the rise in robotics. This includes industrial robots taking on special Read more [...]

What is Ambient Sensing?

Although smart homes have been around for several years now, this industry is rather nascent. Even though we are familiar with the use of Amazon Alexas and Google Homes as smart devices, but for smart homes, they have their limitations. Smart devices do use technologies promising levels of interoperability and convenience that were unheard of a few years ago. However, they have not been able to fulfill current expectations. For instance, they struggle if there is no home network, cannot use unprocessed Read more [...]

What are Axial Flux Motors?

AC induction motors are no doubt the most popular and widely used electric motors today. For DC applications, there are permanent magnet motors. However, newer applications are demanding different types of motors with higher efficiency and better speed-torque characteristics. One such application is the electric vehicle sector, where axial flux motors are gaining traction. Axial flux motors are not new. For the past few decades, manufacturers have been using these motors for stationary applications Read more [...]

How to Effectively Mount Accelerometers

An appropriate coupling between the accelerometer and the system it is monitoring is essential for accurate measurements. Engineers use different methods for mounting MEMS accelerometers, and this affects their frequency response. The resonance of the mounting fixture plays an important role, as it can introduce an error in the measurement. Accelerometers using MEMS sensors typically use a printed circuit board or PCB for mounting the sensor, and there may also be other mechanical interfaces Read more [...]

Reducing Downtime with Remote Alarm Systems

Converting an automated plant to a smart factory is definitely a leap forward. However, it requires enabling a flexible and fully connected system to learn and adapt to new requirements, using a steady stream of data coming from production systems and connected equipment. Nowadays, there is a convergence of extreme challenges facing manufacturing plants. Most consist of an aging workforce with issues of knowledge transfer, there is increasing demand for high-quality products, the need to use Read more [...]