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Power supplies refer to compact electronic units that plug into the mains and deliver power suitable for specific applications. They are also referred to as power packs. Generally, power supplies are used for converting high voltage AC to low voltage DC. They are also used for converting energy from one form such as mechanical, thermal, chemical and solar to electrical energy.

Usually, a power supply has an inherent regulatory mechanism for controlling its output current, voltage or both depending on the particular application. The circuitry of the power supply strives to maintain the output constant in spite of any fluctuations in the input supply voltage or the load connected to it, within a certain range.

108612920 Austin Series SMT DC DC Power Module Lineage Power

Our Price: $19.25

6432.0253.25 Appliance Connector Inlet Outlet Fuseholder Switch Schurter

Our Price: $35.00

7A5U5 DC DC Z-PAC Converter Reliability

Our Price: $49.99

83510031 Power Entry Module EMI Filter Interpower

Our Price: $44.99

AA13A-005L-033S DC-DC Converter Power Supply Module Astec

Our Price: $14.99

AA15-0.8 0.8A .8 Amp 15V Linear Power Supply

Our Price: $65.00

AL60A-300L-150F08 120W Power Module Astec

Our Price: $165.50

AMEL5-3.3SMAZ 3.3V 1.5A 5W AC-DC Converter Power Supply Aimtec

Our Price: $20.00

AMER90-50180AZ 36-50V 1.8A 90W LED Driver Power Supply Waterproof Aimtec

Our Price: $60.00

BWR-5/700-D48A Dual Output DC-DC Power Converter Module Datel

Our Price: $60.00

C24-2.4 2.4Amp 24V DC Power Supplies Linear

Our Price: $150.00

C28-2 2A 2 Amp 28V Power Supply Linear DC

Our Price: $55.00

DRP024V480W3AA CliQ 24V 20A 480W 3-Phase DIN Rail Power Supply Delta

Our Price: $250.00

DRP024V60W1AA CliQ 24V 1.5A 60W 1-Phase DIN Rail Power Supply Delta

Our Price: $32.00

EA10953 Single Output AC Power Adapter 5.5mm Female Plug EDAC Power

Our Price: $24.99

ERA24SB ERA-SB Series 25W AC DC Converter Power Supply ETA Electric

Our Price: $55.00

FN3258-130-35 480VAC 130A 75kW 3-Phase Power Line Filter Schaffner

Our Price: $225.00

FN382-6-22 6A Power Entry Inlet w/Switch Schaffner

Our Price: $25.00

GSF1002301 GSF1 10A Power Entry Module Schurter

Our Price: $3.15

HA15-0.9-A 0.9A 12-15V Linear Power Supply

Our Price: $49.50

HLG-240H-125 12V 16A 192W AC-DC Converter Power Supply Mean Well

Our Price: $80.00

HN28-3-A Linear Power Supply Power-One

Our Price: $101.00

ICD160C06EA 15V Demodulator RHG Electronics Laboratory

Our Price: $300.00

JW050A6 50W Power Module DC DC Converter Lucent

Our Price: $85.00

LDV075-024SN 24V 3.125A 75W AC-DC Converter LED Power Supply Excelsys

Our Price: $75.00

LDV100-024SN 24V 3.830A 100W AC-DC Converter LED Power Supply Excelsys

Our Price: $80.00

LXC100-0350SW 350mA 172-286V 100W LED Driver Power Supply Excelsys

Our Price: $75.00

LXC60-0350SW 350mA 60W Constant Current LED Driver Power Supply Excelsys

Our Price: $60.00

LXV35-024SW 24V 90-305VAC 35W Constant Voltage LED Power Supply Excelsys

Our Price: $50.00

P50E-12 P Series 4.2A 12V Power Supply

Our Price: $75.00

PE8102A6 Power Entry Module RFI Filter Curtis Industries Inc.

Our Price: $8.00

PMC-05V035W1AA 5V 7A 35W Panel Mount Power Supply Delta

Our Price: $20.00

PMT-12V35W1AA 12V 2.92A 35W AC-DC Converter Power Supply Delta

Our Price: $15.00

PS0SXDHXA 10A Power Entry Module EMI/RFI Filtered Corcom

Our Price: $10.00

PT6654D 9V 5A Adjustable Step-Down ISR DC-DC Converter Power Trends

Our Price: $69.00

PT78HT253S Positive Step Down Integrated Switching Regulator Power Trends

Our Price: $25.00

PT78NR105V 1A -5V Integrated Switching Regulator ISR Power Trends

Our Price: $14.45

PT78NR107S SMT DC-DC Converter ISR Power Trends

Our Price: $25.00

PT78NR115S SMT DC-DC Converter ISR Power Trends

Our Price: $25.00

TEN 3-2422 3 Watt DC/DC Converter Traco Power

Our Price: $19.99

TMP135-15 130W 15V Output Medical & ITE Power Adapter TRUMPower

Our Price: $59.99

UHE-12/2500-Q12 DC-DC Converter Power Supply Datel

Our Price: $50.00

V05DS-55.2A 17137 60Hz 55.2V Power Supply Module Abbott

Our Price: $99.00

MAP40-3100 40W AC DC Converter Power Supply Power One

Our Price: $110.00