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Beemo Works With Raspberry Pi

Even adults watching Adventure Time wish to own a personal BMO, the quirky living game system from the Be More episode of the show. Although based on the GameBoy, BMO is a digital friend calling out through the nostalgia lens of our childhood times. Now Bob Herzberg has created Beemo, a BMO for his daughter and her friends. In building the living little boy, Beemo, Herzberg used the popular single board computer Raspberry Pi (RBPi), which be runs on battery power, a USB battery pack. Although his Read more [...]

Control the OpenGarage from Anywhere

All of us have our forgetful moments such as not having closed the garage door after leaving home, and that has us worried and stressed until we can get back. At times like this, we miss the advantage a remote garage door would have given us. Although automated garage door openers are readily available, they use proprietary software, which we may not be able to tailor to our requirements. OpenThings now offer OpenGarage, an intuitive and easy-to-use garage door monitoring and controlling device. Read more [...]

Do Air Conditioners Need Inverters?

With the economy jumping around and the cost of electricity traveling north, consumers now prefer to buy appliances that guarantee payback through long-term savings. As old gadgets, especially air-conditioners become non-functional, more and more users are replacing them with appliances using inverter compressor technology. This not only uses energy more effectively, it saves the user from paying large electricity bills. While regular air-conditioners consume a fixed amount of energy depending on Read more [...]

What is a Hygrobot?

In the future, tiny robots such as the hygrobot will be able to avoid the need for batteries and electricity to power them. Like a worm or a snake, moisture will power these tiny wriggly robots. Hygrobots actually inch forward by absorbing humidity from their surrounding environment. Created by researchers at the Seoul National University, South Korea, these tiny robots can twist, wriggle forwards and back, and crawl just as snakes or worms do. The researchers envisage these hygrobots being useful Read more [...]

GrovePi Kits for the Raspberry Pi

If you are looking to interface sensors to the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), the popular single board computer, GrovePi+ from Dexter Industries (SEED Studios) makes it very easy with their starter kit. The kit carries a GrovePi+ board, including more than 10 carefully selected sensors along with the necessary interfacing cables. The kit is very easy to use, as the user only has to plug the GrovePi+ board over your RBPi, and connect the necessary sensor to the board. GrovePi provides a powerful platform for Read more [...]

Magnetic Sheets Prevent Noise from Spreading

Electrical or magnetic noise is a byproduct of electrical activity within an operating device, and it causes several types of nuisance. A device generating a strong electrical or magnetic interference (EMI) can influence a nearby device, making it malfunction or even prevent it from operating at all. The extent to which a device affects another with its electrical or magnetic fields is called its Electromagnetic Compatibility, while the extent to which a device is susceptible to external electrical Read more [...]

High Accuracy Digital Temperature Sensor

Analog Devices is offering a high accuracy digital temperature sensor that covers a wide industrial range. The tiny package also incorporates a humidity sensor. There is no necessity of adding a separate analog to digital converter to this sensor, as the device has one built into it, and provides a high-resolution digital output of 16 bits. With a wide operating voltage range, the device is suitable for industrial, domestic, and commercial use. The ADT7420UCPZ-R2 from Analog Devices measures temperatures Read more [...]

Tree-Axis High Resolution Digital Accelerometer

Most modern smartphones can sense whether their users are holding them in the portrait or in the landscape position, accordingly adjusting the displayed image. Additionally, while playing games such as Temple Run, the smartphone can respond to tilting by changing certain functions in the game. The smartphone accomplishes this motion sensing as it has an accelerometer IC working inside it. Apart from smartphones, several other applications make use of accelerometers. For instance, car alarms can Read more [...]

Using Reed Switches as Sensors

Any ordinary electrical switch has two contacts. Push-type switches are spring loaded so that pushing a button brings them together and they spring apart on releasing the button. Rocker switches have mechanical levers that close the contacts when in one position, while in the other position they pull apart. In reed switches, the two contacts are in the shape of metal reeds, each coated with a metal that does not wear easily. The reeds are made from a ferromagnetic material, so they are easy to magnetize. Read more [...]

How to Keep Your Bearings Running Cool

Electronic gadgets rely on a host of equipment for their creaseless performance. One of them is power generating equipment—spinning generators, motors, and shafts that create and transmit power. In fact rotating machinery is the basis not only of electronic gadgets, but also of modern civilization itself. A wide variety of lubricated and self-lubricating bearings keeps these machines operating smoothly and efficiently. Heat is a major factor affecting bearings, degrading its lubrication and damaging Read more [...]