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Anechoic Chambers for RF and Electromagnetic Testing

As the meaning of anechoic is 'without echo', an anechoic chamber represents a room that has minimal wave reflections from the floor, ceiling, and walls. Anechoic chambers are, therefore, suitable for testing Radio Frequency or RF, electromagnetic interference or EMI, and electromagnetic compatibility or EMC. Special materials on the floor, ceiling, and walls of the chamber help to absorb electromagnetic waves. Another type of anechoic chamber is suitable for audio waves. The design of such chambers Read more [...]

Magnetic Sheets Prevent Noise from Spreading

Electrical or magnetic noise is a byproduct of electrical activity within an operating device, and it causes several types of nuisance. A device generating a strong electrical or magnetic interference (EMI) can influence a nearby device, making it malfunction or even prevent it from operating at all. The extent to which a device affects another with its electrical or magnetic fields is called its Electromagnetic Compatibility, while the extent to which a device is susceptible to external electrical Read more [...]

What Is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) And How Does It Affect Us?

What Is Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) And How Does It Affect Us?

Electromagnetic interference, abbreviated EMI, is the interference caused by an electromagnetic disturbance affecting the performance of a device, transmission channel, or system. It is also called radio frequency interference, or RFI, when the interference is in the radio frequency spectrum.

All of us encounter EMI in our everyday life. Common examples are:

• Disturbance in the audio/video signals on radio/TV due an Read more [...]