ARM9 SBC with 7-inch Touchscreen

Now you can have complete HMI or Human Machine Interface with the Linux-ready ARM9 Single Board Computer from Premier Farnell. It comes with a 7-inch touchscreen and you can use the SBC for home automation as well.

The EDM6070AR-01 is a single board computer with an integrated Embedded Display Module or EDM, which makes it suitable for supporting a variety of embedded HMI applications. These include data acquisition and analysis, network terminals, medical products, intelligent instruments and industrial control terminals. Farnell has included a Smart Home demo application with the SBC and it features a smart-LED controller. With the home automation application, users can set light levels independently in each room. Additionally, they can also set flexible states for humidity and temperature using the smart-climate feature. Moreover, the SBC also allows management of room-specific surveillance cameras and audio streaming.

The brain behind the EDM6070AR-01 single board computer is the Mini6935 COM or Computer-On-Module, which is based on the ATMEL ARM9 processor AT91SAM9X35. Compared with the SAM9G35, the 400MHz SAM9X35 is more advanced, offering 16KB each of data and instruction cache along with additional interfaces such as UART, ISI and CAN. However, unlike the closely related SAM9X25, the SAM9X35 does not have a second Ethernet controller, but adds a second CAN interface along with an LCD interface.

Within the Mini6935 COM are 256MB of NAND flash, 128MB of DDR2 SDRAM, 4MB of data flash and 4KB EEPROM. The COM has a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, while it routes all signals via two rows of connectors on the back of the module.

The EDM6070AR-01 includes an 800×600-pixel LCD controller, two USB host ports, a USB device port and two SD card interfaces. One hundred and eight GPIOs, dual SPI and CAN interfaces form the industrial IOs. The EBM6070AR-01 SBC ships with a Linux 2.6.39 BSP supporting QT GUIs and numerous file systems.

The 108 GPIOs are each 32-bits, of which three are peripheral IOs, and the rest are programmable multiplexed. The SBC is also equipped with a 12-channel, 10-bit ADC for the touchscreen and a 4-channel, 16-bit PWM controller. With dimensions of 64x45mm and running on 3.3V, 1.25A power, the SBC has a watchdog, can operate as a soft modem, and perform safely within a temperature range of 10-70°C. Apart from this, the EDM6070AR-01 also integrates three GPIO inputs and outputs along with various LEDs, buttons and buzzers.

The 800×480-pixel, 7-inch touchscreen stacks on top of the board. The LCD module is TFT, with 800×480, 24-bit resolution and a 4-wire resistive touch panel. The SBC networks through a fast Ethernet port controlled by a DM9161CIEP chip. Other features include two power LEDs, an IO button and Reset button, RTC with battery backup and a watchdog. The SBC also provides an output DC supply of 5V.

Among the real-world ports available on the EDM6070AR-01 are a USB high-speed host port, a USB device port, Audio in-out, Debug interface, RS232 interface, RS485 interface and CAN interface.
You can drop the EDM6070AR-01 SBC into your product with negligible integration efforts. It is also possible to wrap an enclosure around it, add software applications and allow it to become your finished product.