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Connecting To a Raspberry Pi via an Ethernet Cable

You can use your Raspberry Pi or RBPi single board computer in different ways. Sometimes you may have a keyboard, mouse, and display to connect to your RBPi to use it as a regular computer. At other times, you may prefer to communicate with it through another computer such as a desktop or a laptop. Your method of communication may also vary. For example, if your RBPi is at a distance, you may have to connect to it over the Internet via Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi may be an unreliable and a slow way Read more [...]

Controlling RGB LEDs via the Raspberry Pi

Digital gates are great for switching LEDs on or off. Micro-controllers are even better and so are single board computers. That is because they contain several gates to control the LEDs. To top it all, you can program single board computers such as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi to control several LEDs individually to run at different on/off cycles. Additionally, multiple color LEDs are available, such as RGB LEDs, with which you can generate any combination of the basic red, green and blue colors. Although Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

If you are targeting the Astro Pi mission, it makes sense to get the Sense HAT as an add-on board for your tiny single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. With a fantastic RGB LED matrix, not only is the board beautiful to look at, but it also comes with a plethora of sensors on-board. That makes it useful for the applications in the International Space Station where it is headed to in December 2015. The Sense HAT looks like an ordinary board with an 8x8 RGB LED matrix on it. You can Read more [...]

Create a Baby Monitor with the Raspberry Pi

The arrival of a baby nearly always alters the entire timetable for all the members of the family, whether willingly or otherwise. For the parents, if they are first timers, the joy of seeing the tiny human is never-ending – they want to see the baby even if they are away from home. That is where a baby monitor comes in and what better to use for the project other than the versatile single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi. As a simple, cheap, and low power computer, the RBPi works as Read more [...]

Using OpenHAB with a Raspberry Pi

Nowadays it is common to have smart home products that you can remotely command to control, adjust, and to switch on and off. The single board computer, Raspberry Pi or RBPi is suitable for building a touchscreen command center to interface with such smart products and to provide a suitable interface for control and task scheduling. As an introduction, the project will consist of a Wi-Fi enabled RGB LED strip. It will interface with an RBPi running OpenHAB. This will allow wireless control to switch Read more [...]

Volumio: Control Your Hi-Fi through a Raspberry Pi

Traditionally, amplifiers connect to loudspeakers through wires. The wires carry the electric currents that make the loudspeakers work to produce sound. So far, wires were also necessary to feed amplifiers from different sources such as CD players, TV sets and others. By placing amplifiers within the speaker enclosure, part of the ugly wiring was taken care, but the wires from the source persisted until wireless methods were discovered. Introduction of the Walkman and other portable players changed Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi and Mathematica Control Telescopes

The single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi is a versatile device helping youngsters learn computer programming. Its advantages do not stop there, because many hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts also use the RBPi for their numerous innovative projects. For example, Tom Sherlock, an amateur astronomer, has put the RBPi to good use for controlling his telescope. Along with the RBPi, Tom uses Mathematica and the Wolfram language for his telescope control. Amateur astronomers such as Tom use Mathematica Read more [...]

EEG Controlling Music through Raspberry Pi

Imagine controlling Pandora with your brainwaves. Whenever a song comes up that you do not enjoy, make it switch to the next one. All you need is an EEG sensor, a pianobar and a single board computer such as the RBPi or Raspberry Pi. Once you train the RBPi to differentiate the bad from good music, you are good to go. You need to train the Bayesian classifier to recognize good music from the bad. However, basic machine learning techniques do not always turn out very good. Therefore, with this Read more [...]

Monitor Your Solar System with a Raspberry Pi

Most photovoltaic systems contain parts such as the solar modules (panels) to provide the electrical power, a battery charger for converting the panel output to the battery voltage, a battery pack to store energy during the day and provide it during the night time, an inverter to transform the battery voltage to the proper line voltage for operating home appliances and an line source selector to switch between the solar and grid power. When the sun is shining during the daytime, the solar photovoltaic Read more [...]

Latest Touch Display for the Raspberry Pi

Those who were on the lookout for a proper touch display for their single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or RBPi can now rest easy. The official RBPi touch display is on sale at several stores and others will be receiving stock very soon. Users of RBPi models such as Rev 2.1, B+, A+ and Pi 2 can now use the simple embeddable display, instead of having to hook it up to a TV or a monitor. Watch the You-Tube video demonstration for a better understanding. The new official touch display for the Read more [...]