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Thin Clients with the Raspberry Pi

When deploying a large number of computers at a single location, it is a common practice to employ thin clients. In such cases, several client computers access a powerful central server computer that controls resources such as the hard disk data and Internet access. The logical operating system of the server is isolated from the clients accessing it via a concept known as desktop virtualization. Implementation of desktop virtualization or VDI follows several conceptual models. One can broadly Read more [...]

A USB Hub with a Raspberry Pi Zero

Computers available today come with only one or two USB sockets. With the multitude of USB or Universal Serial Bus devices we use today, it is easy to run out of sockets. For example, you may have to connect your mouse, keyboard, printer, webcam and microphone, all operating on USB technology, to your computer. With only two ports available, it is obviously a difficult task. However, there is an easy solution. You can use an inexpensive hub. According to the USB standard, which also covers USB Read more [...]

Connecting To a Raspberry Pi via an Ethernet Cable

You can use your Raspberry Pi or RBPi single board computer in different ways. Sometimes you may have a keyboard, mouse, and display to connect to your RBPi to use it as a regular computer. At other times, you may prefer to communicate with it through another computer such as a desktop or a laptop. Your method of communication may also vary. For example, if your RBPi is at a distance, you may have to connect to it over the Internet via Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi may be an unreliable and a slow way Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

If you are targeting the Astro Pi mission, it makes sense to get the Sense HAT as an add-on board for your tiny single board computer, the Raspberry Pi or the RBPi. With a fantastic RGB LED matrix, not only is the board beautiful to look at, but it also comes with a plethora of sensors on-board. That makes it useful for the applications in the International Space Station where it is headed to in December 2015. The Sense HAT looks like an ordinary board with an 8x8 RGB LED matrix on it. You can Read more [...]

Expand the Ports of your Raspberry Pi

The ubiquitous single board computer, the Raspberry Pi, or the RBPi, as it is fondly called by its users, is rich in General Purpose Input Output or GPIO pins. These are lined up on the board in two rows of 13 easily accessible pins, totaling 26 of which 17 are GPIO pins, the others being either power or ground pins. GPIO pins provide a physical interface between the RBPi and the external world. Speaking plainly, these act as switches that the user can turn on or off as inputs or the RBPi can Read more [...]

A Microscope with the Raspberry Pi

If you require a microscope, you can make one as a proof-of-concept using the RBPi or Raspberry Pi. It is simpler if you have a bagful of LEGO parts to build the structure, but you can also go with Plexiglas construction. Apart from being a useful addition to a science laboratory, making a microscope with the RBPi is a good way of learning computer programming and making things with your hands. The microscope uses an electronic camera for resolving images and its maximum resolution is about 5µm Read more [...]

An SSD Shield for the Raspberry Pi

CSB502SSD is a multifunction storage shield for the Raspberry Pi or RBPi 2, model B. A Rhode Island based startup, Pi2Design has designed the shield and makers of the embedded modules, Cogent Computer Systems have manufactured it. The designers have targeted the shield for a variety of industrial, medical, data storage and embedded applications. Earlier, Pi2Design had offered the PiDrive SSD expansion card to users with a 128GB mSATA solid-state drive. The CSB502SSD plugs in directly into one Read more [...]

The Raspberry Pi Zero Has It Simplified

The release of the new Raspberry Pi Zero or RBPi-Zero has taken the technical world by a storm. This tiny SBC has a 1GHz ARM11 System on Chip, 40 GPIO pins, micro-USB ports, a mini-HDMI port, a micro SD card slot and works with 512MB RAM. The 65x30 mm card has gone on sale with a price tag of a mere $5.00. The Broadcom BCM2836, clocked to 1GHz, runs Raspbian Linux. Not only is the RBPi-Zero 40 percent faster than the original RBPi Model B, it is also 40 smaller than the B+ model of the RBPi. Although Read more [...]

The RemotePi Board for the Raspberry Pi

If you have designed a mediacenter system around a Raspberry Pi or RBPi, you would also want to control it remotely, just as commercial mediacenters allow. You can do that with the RemotePi Board. Added atop your RBPi, the RemotePi acts as an intelligent infrared remote controlled power switch and remotely controls to power on/off your mediacenter system. The RemotePi does not need a special IR remote, as it can learn to decipher the IR code of almost any commercial remote – it works with a Read more [...]

A Slice of the Raspberry Pi

The Compute Module of the credit card sized popular single board computer, RBPi or the Raspberry Pi, is not an end-user product. Manufacturers can use the device when they require an ARM-based platform to build their devices on and sell. Therefore, computing hobbyists will find it difficult to get their hands on the Module if they want to evaluate it. The RBPi itself is readily available to anyone who wants to buy and use it for projects. However, this Compute Module is not sold as such to hobbyists Read more [...]