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What are RTUs – Remote Terminal Units?

Nowadays, small computers make up remote terminal units or RTUs and SCADA units. Users program controller algorithms into these units, allowing them to control sensors and actuators. Likewise, they can program algorithms for logic solvers, power factor calculators, flow totalizers, and many more, according to actual requirements in the field. Present RTUs are powerful computers able to solve complex algorithms or mathematical formula describing external functions. Sensing devices or sensors gather Read more [...]

What happens when you turn a computer on?

Working on a computer is so easy nowadays that we find even children handling them expertly. However, several things start to happen when we turn on the power to a computer, before it can present the nice user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) screen that we call the desktop. In a UNIX-like operating system, the computer goes through a process of booting, BIOS, Master Boot Record, Bootstrap Loading, grub, init, before reaching the operating level. Booting As soon as you switch on the Read more [...]

Tinker Board: Raspberry Pi Competitor from ASUS

The community of single board computer users is passionate and the DIY enthusiasts are growing daily. While they are infatuated with the amazingly tiny package called the Raspberry Pi (RBPi), they are constantly clamoring for more performance and connectivity features. This demand has produced several competitors to the RBPi, and the tech giant, ASUS Computers is now providing one in the form of a Tinker Board. The ASUS Computers product is a mini-PC based on the ARM core, and its actual model Read more [...]

How Can I Protect My Raspberry Pi?

By connecting the Single Board Computer to the Internet, you actually run the risk of compromising your Raspberry Pi or RBPi to different types of attacks from malicious persons. However, as several advantages of an Internet connection far outweigh such risks from attackers, there is merit in looking for ways to mitigate them. Spain Hardware from Madrid is venturing on a Kick Starter project to enable hardware protection for the RBPi. When your RBPi requires secure communication, you can rely Read more [...]

PINE64 : A 64-bit Contender for the Raspberry Pi

Earlier, a DIY computing project could cost an enthusiast hundreds of dollars. Now, with single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi or RBPi or its latest kin, the Raspberry Pi Zero, anyone can start a new project at the cost of a cup of coffee. Seen from the other side of the fence, a competitor has to include a better choice of components, offer a better price or both. PINE64 Inc. has taken the third route. PINE54 Inc. is attempting to improve on the legacy so far built up by the RBPi. According Read more [...]

Computer Translated Sign Language

There are many people in the world who cannot hear because their hearing ability is impaired. This disability also precludes them from holding audible conversations with others. For a long time, telephone calls dominated the long-distance communication scenario. However, over the past couple of decades, other means of communication have also evolved, such as emails and text-based messaging. Although these supplement voice calls largely, the problem of face-to-face communication with the deaf still Read more [...]

Android vs. Linux – Which OS is better?

Is Android A Better OS Than Linux? Android has established itself as an important operating system for mobile devices. Google developed Android as an open source OS based on the Linux kernel. Google selected the Linux kernel because of its proven driver model, existing drivers, process and memory management, networking support and several other core operating system services. However, the Google team had to make several changes to make Android capable of operating mobile devices successfully. Read more [...]

Neo Smartpen N2 Connects with Bluetooth

Although computers and keyboards have taken out much of the efforts of writing, some situations still demand we keep this skill alive. Then, some people are unwilling to give up the feeling of writing with a pen to pounding on a keyboard. Engineers have tried to modernize the humble writing instrument with the Bluetooth pen of Livescribe. Now, an improved Smartpen N2 is in the market. Neo Smartpen N2 has a sleeker design compared to that of Livescribe. According to the manufacturer, the pen has Read more [...]

IDEASTICK: Windows Goes Into Your Pocket Now

At last, users of the Operating System Windows will also be able to enjoy the simple portability that Linux users already have. Lenovo has come up with an oversized memory stick – the new Stick 300. Actually, instead of being just an oversized memory stick, Stick 300 is full-fledged Windows PC. Although the specifications are rather low-end, the ideastick from Lenovo makes it up with being portable and having a more appealing price tag. Obviously, the tiny chassis cannot offer an exciting hardware. Read more [...]

Computers Can Beat Humans in Image Recognition

Every day, computers are getting smarter. So far, it is not clear whether the smartness is moving towards something as depicted in the Terminator movies, but computers are beating humans in chess, poker and Jeopardy. The next hurdle that computers have crossed is image recognition. Microsoft claims to have programmed a computer that can beat humans at recognizing images. Although the final competition is going to be held on December 17, 2015, already there are claims that computers are better Read more [...]