Expansion Board for Wi-Fi Connectivity for Raspberry Pi

The tiny credit card sized single board computer, the mighty Raspberry Pi or RBPi is mostly self-contained. However, the small footprint of the SBC has not allowed many important functions to be integrated within it. For example, the RBPi lacks an in-built Wi-Fi. This has led to several developments of Wi-Fi add-on kits, with the xPico Wi-Fi Plate from Lantronix leading the pack.

This pluggable, simple and easy-to-use expansion board from Lantronix provides a feature-rich and robust Wi-Fi solution that few can match. It enables the RBPi to attain several mobile-ready capabilities very easily and quickly. Not only does the xPico completely offload all Wi-Fi connectivity from the RBPi, it also provides many advanced capabilities such as Soft Access Point or Soft AP and Client Mode, along with QuickConnect and Wi-Fi connection management.

Combining xPico with RBPi allows developers to concentrate on the main application for RBPi. This is possible because xPico takes care of all the concerns about wireless connectivity management and wireless stacks while providing hassle-free Wi-Fi connectivity. Users get a robust and true 802.11 b/g/n solution, which provides a painlessly enabled Wi-Fi access either as a client or as a Soft AP. In fact, xPico offers a whole gamut of features along with industrial-ready quality and ease-of-use. Therefore, whether you are a hobbyist, a student or an engineer, you can readily enable your RBPi platform to achieve mobility by offloading the TCP/IP stacks and networking applications such as a web-server to the xPico Wi-Fi.

The xPico expansion board is an embedded wireless device server and has several useful functions. For example, it can provide a universal wireless technology to your tablets and smartphones. Your product designs can be faster now with the simplification of Wi-Fi implementation and integration. It provides unmatched flexibility as the footprint is compact and power consumption is very low. The proven feature-set includes simultaneous Soft AP and client mode, configuration by customization and zero host load. The user improves his competitive position by saving on cost and time-to-market. In short, xPico is designed with the necessary functionality to differentiate your Wi-Fi enabled products by providing flexible, mobile-ready Wi-Fi solutions for IOT and M2M applications.

If you are looking for a robust, full-fledged networking solution, the Lantronix xPico Wi-Fi module provides an extremely compact and low-power alternative. It will provide wireless LAN connectivity on virtually any platform that has SPI, USB or serial interface, such as on an RBPi.

Being one of the smallest embedded device servers in the market at present, you can utilize the xPico Wi-Fi module in designs that require chip solutions, as it befits the advantages to cost and time-to-market. The connected micro-controller need not have any drivers as xPico provides the zero-host-load feature. Therefore, implementation becomes very simple, since not a single line of code has to be written. That translates to a considerably reduced development cost and complexity. Additionally, xPico Wi-Fi meets all EMC and safety compliances such as EN, UL and FCC Class B.

Another advantage with the xPico Wi-Fi module is that it is compatible to a huge range of embedded microprocessors and controllers.