Industrializing your Raspberry Pi

You can turn your Raspberry Pi (RBPi) into a completed computer system with the minimal effort. Using a pre-assembled, cost-effective kit will not only save you a lot of time, but also speed up the installation and slash development time as well, allowing you to realize the full potential of your single board computer. This industrialization of your SBC brings huge commercial potential and encompasses a wide range of applications, including using the system for payment terminals, communication systems, IoT products, home technology, medical devices, machine tool control systems, industrial automation, and more.

The PCAP 10.1-inch Touch Screen Kit from Inelco Hunter is specially designed to work with the popular single board computer, the RBPi. You can buy the kit in pre-assembled form and simply mount the RBPi onto the interface PCB on its rear, fixing it in place using the supplied pillars and screws. You can then mount the display as a panel or flush mount it to get resolutions up to WXGA.

Customers looking for a larger screen format for the RBPi can now upgrade from the earlier 7-inch display format from the same designer, Anelco Hunter. He developed this new screen for customers looking for extra screen space. Using the kit, customers can industrialize their equipment quickly and easily by providing it with a larger screen. No further upgradation is necessary, as the same programs and software already available for the 7-ich version will continue to be useful.

According to the Managing Director of Inelco Hunter, David Bushnell, the idea for a bigger screen format for the RBPi was born after a number of customer requests were made following the launch of their 7-inch kit. The kit maintains the same quality of the 7-inch model’s TFT screen with industrial grade while transitioning to the bigger screen format, maintaining the earlier high-quality metrics and ongoing availability.

A PCB provides the connections on-board for HDMI interface, along with the required conversions for signal, power, and backlight required by the TFT display. To drive the TFT display, the user has to supply it with 12 V at 2 A. This is apart from the 5 V at 2 A the RBPi requires for operating.

The PCAP touchscreen offers features such as pinch, zoom, and rotate through either USB or I2C connection. While the screen dimensions are 255 x 174 x 9 mm, the view area is 218 x 137 mm. The wide-angle IPS display offers a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.

Inelco Hunter has designed their display kit to work with all models of the RBPi family. They have tested the kit to operate at temperatures of +70°C and this underlines its reliability. This further supports the mean time before failure (MTBF) figure of 50,000+ hours. All these specifications make this display a good choice for those looking for a design with a long life and reliability.

Customers buying the kit will find a 10.1-inch Touch Screen TFT display, a pre-assembled interface PCB for HDMI to LVDS conversion, a connector for HDMI to HDMI interface, a micro USB to USB cable interface, and the pillars and screws for mounting the RBPi.