A new 32 HD motor for rough operations

Maxon Precision Motors, Inc. based in Fall River, MA, has successfully designed a new 32 HD motor for rough and abusive operations. Known as the EC-4pole 32 HD motor with part number 397798, the motor is considered ideal for operating in conditions existing in deep drilling. Exploration in gas and oil fields is known by the name “downhole drilling” and according to deep drilling technology, it is possible to recover oil and gas even from depths of 2500 meters or more. This 32 HD motor is being offered for this application as it has been specifically designed for the purpose. According to the company, this 4-pole power motor uses a winding technology that is the best among the same class of motors in the field.

The performance in terms of the volume rate, in proportion to its weight along with the quality and security it is able to generate, is excellent due to the motor providing inertia free motion. The durability of the motor is astoundingly long. This factor alone has been the main feature for this motor, which has enabled the motor to cater to the application of deep drilling in a very significant manner. With wide ranging options for different types, as required by the user, the motor is able to meet the requirements for the purpose.

The motor has a power rating of 220W in air and graduates to 480W in oil due to the high heat flow that is generated in the process. The motor functions in an ambient temperature range reaching up to 200°C and more, with atmospheric pressures of up to 1700 bar. The notable aspect of this motor is its capability to bear vibration up to 25Grms along with impacts up to 1,000G. That means an impact that is effectively 1000 times the acceleration due to gravity at the earth’s surface. The operational efficiency of the motor is exceptionally high. The manufacturer claims an efficiency of 89% in air and 80% in oil.

The EC-4pole 32 HD motor from Maxon is 3-phase AC operated at a nominal voltage of 48V. The nominal speed of the motor is 5710RPM with the starting current at 47.5A, for an efficiency of 89%. It weighs only 860grams and the rotation is clockwise. The motor rotor produces inertia of 128 gcm² with a mechanical time constant of 2ms. The terminal resistance of the motor is 1.01 Ω. The maximum permissible speed is 12000RPM and the motor can take up a maximum axial load of 16N.

Maxon Precision Motors, with a global reputation in the field, expects the EC-4pole 32 HD motor to perform well in the field meeting the rigorous standards set for the deep drilling applications. With a wide range of options available to meet the specific needs, the 32HD motor will be able to function in rough operating conditions, where the depth is more than 2500meters. This motor makes it possible to recover gas and oil at a high level of efficiency. This highly durable motor performs in spite of multiple vibrations and severe impacts it undergoes.