Solar Energy in China: Here Comes the Sun

Growing demand for renewable energy sources has skyrocketed all over the world, but no where is this more evident than in China.

Take a look at the city of Rizhao where miles of dark tubing cover the roofs of apartment buildings and private homes. The reason? Using solar powered hot water heaters is mandatory in Rizhao. In fact, due to requirements such as this one, China has become the largest producer (and consumer of) solar hot-water heaters. Rizhao’s commitment to solar energy is deep: it has pledged to become the very first city in China to become carbon-neutral.

The good news for all of us is that the surge in solar panel requirements has created more supply, and thus lower pricing for all of us. The lower prices help make solar energy more affordable even here in the US.

As new panels are shipped to us, we will be passing on the new lowered prices to our customers. West Florida Components has just lowered our prices on all new solar panels by an average of 16%. Good news for all of us!