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Less Expensive 3D Printing

3-D printing is no longer a new technology. Several design studios use it, along with some home users who make their products using 3-D printers. However, the general opinion is it is expensive, slow, and unable to compete with traditional mass-manufacturing processes. Although considered a revolutionary technology, so far, 3-D printing has remained on the periphery. Now, a Massachusetts company is trying to prove the general opinion wrong. Desktop Metal is coming out with a 3-D metal printing system Read more [...]

3D Printers: Change the Shape of Your 3D-Printed Objects

When you print 3D objects on your 3D printers, they remain stable. Other than deteriorating over time, the objects do not change by themselves. However, that may be changing now. Scientists at MIT have created a new technique of printing 3-D objects where you can change the polymers in the object after printing. That means change the color of the object, grow or shrink it, or even change its shape entirely. Associate Professor of Chemistry at MIT, Jeremiah Johnson led the research, along with Read more [...]

3D Printer based on the Raspberry Pi

3D printers are becoming so very popular now and you can get them in many different sizes and configurations to suit your purpose. AON, a company providing 3D printer services in Montreal has built a prototype of a high-end dual extrusion 3D printer. A notable feature about this printer is the huge build volume of 129,600 cubic centimeters, which users can heat up to 70°C. However, most importantly, the device has an SBC that runs it – a Raspberry Pi or RBPi running the open source Linux Operating Read more [...]

A Smart Fridge Tells You What It Wants

Imagine you are at the grocery store and wondering what you need for the next week – if you could only peep inside your fridge now, shopping could be easier. With the new smart fridge from General Electric in your kitchen, you could use a smartphone and ask the fridge what it lacks. The smart fridge will tell you exactly how much beer, soda, milk, and even how many eggs or separate vegetables it is left with. Actually, GE ran a contest taking ideas from users that could be turned into serviceable Read more [...]

Raspberry Pi drives photon elephant

You are looking for the best way to control your 3D printer and turn it into a smartprinter. If you are not averse to using a browser-based control panel that will allow you to stream from a webcam, start, pause and resume print jobs while slicing your STL files, you may consider the Photon Elephant. The Photon Elephant uses the tiny, low-cost, credit card sized, single board computer – the Raspberry Pi or RBPi – to drive the motor controllers of your printer. A conventional SDK or Software Read more [...]