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Smart Sensors from Sensirion

Sensirion is offering three smart sensors that make it easy for electronic system designers to incorporate them into their applications. These are the AMT4x Smart Gadget, the SCD30 Sensor Module, and the STC31 Thermal Conductivity Sensor for CO2.

As a simple circuit board for a reference design, the AMT4x Smart Gadget from Sensirion is a demonstration kit for the SHT4x temperature and humidity sensors. The gadget displays information for temperature and humidity on an LCD screen. The built-in BLE or Bluetooth Low Energy module allows communication with smartphones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The kit for the Smart Gadget includes an SHT40 sensor for temperature and humidity, a liquid crystal display, a push button, a Bluetooth MCU module, batteries, and other supports. Sensirion also provides detailed resources for the hardware design and information for an app download.

The Smart Gadget offers designers a simple reference design along with a circuit board. They can use it for measuring temperature and humidity while displaying it on an LCD, The MyAmbiance app for iOS and Android phones enables remote access and export capabilities along with data logging.

To sense CO2, Sensirion is offering their SCD30 Sensor Module. SCD30 uses the NDIR sensor technology for sensing CO2. It also has an integrated humidity and temperature sensor. The sensor measures the humidity and temperature in the ambient atmosphere while monitoring and compensating for external heat sources, without using any additional components. The height of the sensor module is low, and this allows easy integration in systems for various applications. The SCD30 achieves high accuracy and superior stability with its dual-channel capability.

The SCD30 sensor, with its NDIR CO2 sensor technology, and integrated humidity and temperature sensor, offers outstanding stability owing to the compensation from long-term drifts provided by its dual-channel capability. The sensor has a small form factor of 35 x 23 x 7 mm. Its measurement range covers 400 to 10,000 ppm, with an accuracy of ±30 ppm +3%. Apart from measuring the absolute concentration of carbon dioxide, the sensor can also measure temperature and relative humidity.

Applications of the SCD30 sensor include IoT devices, Smart Homes, Air purifiers, Air conditioners, HVAC equipment, and demand-controlled ventilation systems.

Sensirion also offers the STC31, a thermal conductivity sensor for the detection and measurement of Carbon dioxide. The gas concentration sensor is chip-sized, offers 16-bit resolution for high range, and is accurate for high volume production CO2 measurement.

Sensirion has based the sensor on an innovative principle of thermal conductivity measurement, which results in long-term stability and superb repeatability. With a digital I2C interface, the STC31 sensor can directly interface with a microprocessor. Working from a voltage ranging from 2.7 to 5 VDC, and a 5 mA maximum current rating, the STC31 sensor operates ideally from batteries while delivering top performance at minimal power budgets.

The STC31 is RoHS and REACH compliant, and its measurement range covers 20 to +85 °C. At a measurement rate of 1 reading per minute, the sensor consumes only 15 µW of power. With a track record of above 15 years, the STC31 sensor is an industry-proven technology.