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Super Efficient Diamond Batteries from Nuclear Waste

So far, we have been dumping our dangerous nuclear waste into oceans or deep inside the earth, hoping they will stay there. Now, there is a better way out. Scientists are now confident they can use nuclear waste as a source of energy to convert radioactive gas into diamonds of the artificial type, not as jewelry, but to be used as batteries. Scientists claim the diamonds can generate their own electrical current. As they are made of radioactive material with long half-life, the batteries could Read more [...]

The Rezence Standard for Wireless Charging

Typical wireless charging technologies depend on magnetic induction to transfer power from a 'mat' to the specially designed mobile device under charge. However, Rezence holds forth the concept of spatial freedom, which extends the wireless power applications to go beyond the mat to any surface and into almost any mobile device. Unlike magnetic induction, Rezence works on the principles of magnetic resonance. With Rezence, the wireless charging ecosystem has a number of unique benefits. The Rezence Read more [...]