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A Smart Development Board for the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi or RBPi single board computer when fortified with Cloudio makes a personal IoT computer that users can play with or use for prototyping. Cloudio, the add-on board suitable for the RBPi, offers advanced features such as sensor monitoring and displaying on dashboard, providing custom notifications with image and video, unlimited cloud services, one tap upload for multi-boards, voice assistant capabilities, IFTTT integration, drag and drop programming for Android and iOS, and much more.

As a smart development board kit, Cloudio offers drag and drop programming using the included GraspIO Studio app. Users get a block-based approach that is fairly intuitive. For IoT developers, this approach allows them to reach their goals faster, as the simple but powerful mobile IDE simplifies the complexity of software development.

On the hardware side, the Cloudio kit includes an OLED display, a light sensor, temperature sensor, a mini servo port, a tactile switch, three ADC ports to handle external sensors, three ports for digital outputs, an RGB LED, and a buzzer. This provides the user nearly all the tools necessary for an IoT project. On the software side, the kit comes with the GraspIO, which provides unlimited cloud service, allowing the user to program and manage Cloudio from their mobile devices.

GraspIO provides the user with a block-based feature. Users can treat program modules as blocks, dragging and dropping the blocks as necessary to combine them to achieve various functionalities. This feature offers users with an intuitive mobile interface.

Users can monitor the sensors they attach to the RBPi and arrange their response to be studied in a dashboard. They can set up sensor monitoring projects easily and configure the dashboard to exhibit their response in an intelligent and responsive manner. The kit allows plotting the sensor response in real-time graphs on a mobile device, and exporting data for IoT analysis.

Users can manage several Cloudio kits at the same time, as they can connect their mobile devices to the IoT Cloud Service. Therefore, users can connect to, program, control, monitor, and manage several kits with a single smartphone. The IoT Cloud Service comes with a lifetime offering of 100 daily non-cumulative calls, along with a bunch of 50,000 free preloaded calls.

The IoT Cloud Service also helps in voice control and speech recognition. Users can create their own voice assistants, and add custom voice commands including their own wake-word.

For instance, with the Cloudio Smart Development Board hooked up with the RBPi, a user can interface the RBPi and a USB camera, using the in-app camera block to capture images, videos, and even create GIFs or time-lapse videos. The user can add several features to their projects, including custom email, images, and video notifications.

The Cloudio kit enables features such as adding speech outputs to projects. Therefore, users can make their projects respond with voice outputs, using the easy to use in-app speak block that comes along with the kit. Other features the kit offers are creating real-time speech notifications, custom messaging, or playing recorded audio from the board.