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Are There Any Energy-Saving Fans

While LED lights have brought about a sea of improvement in the efficiency of lighting systems we use every day, we do not hear of similar achievement in the area of fans. Along with inefficient incandescent bulbs, manufacturers have stuck with the same design of the DC or AC fan for a long time. Things are beginning to look up now. AC motors have two windings, one on the stator and the other on the rotor, which create the magnetic fields that interact with each other. A capacitor provides the Read more [...]

Add new life to your right click menu

Windows users have the ability to right click on most files and folders to gain access to the shortcut, or context, menu. Typically that is where the shortcuts to print, go back, copy, etc are found. What if you wanted to extend the range of actions? You can with freeware from lopesoft called File Menu Tools. Simply download the program and configure it for what menu actions you want to appear. Some of the ones that we love are: Duplicate Files Delete Permanently Find And Read more [...]