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Sensing Movement in Three Axes

All modern vehicles must sense the position and movement of automotive control functions such as turn signal indicators and gear selectors. However, engineers face challenges here with conventional sensor technologies as the requirement is for sensing movement in the three axes simultaneously. The challenge lies in the physical size of the device, its reliability, power consumption, and its cost. However, 3-D magnetic sensing technology, recently introduced, could be helping engineers to address Read more [...]

Replace Your Hall Devices with LVDT-On-PCB

The use of solid-state devices such as magnetic sensors is very popular when necessary to sense position, velocity or directional movement. As they are non-contact and offer wear-free operation, electronics designers prefer to select them for their design. For example, the robust design of sealed Hall Effect devices make them immune to vibration, dust and water, offering a low maintenance solution for the user. Automotive systems mainly use magnetic sensors for sensing speed, distance and position. Read more [...]