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What is Infrared?

What is Infrared?

The electromagnetic spectrum has waves of various wavelengths. Human eyes are capable to seeing the light that form a small part of electro magnetic spectrum. The waves with shorter wavelength as well are longer wavelengths than the visible spectrum are not visible. Infrared are waves that have longer wavelengths than the visible spectrum. The wavelengths corresponding to the Infrared waves are in between 750nm to 1mm.

Infrared waves cannot be seen but can be felt in the form of heat. Since the main source of infrared emissions is thermal source, so any thing that has temperature will emit Infrared emissions. Most of them are not noticed because they are not so strong. Higher is the temperature of the object, greater will be the Infrared emissions. Substances that seem cold such as a cube of ice also emit infrared.

Uses of Infrared:

  • Night vision: Infrared filters are utilized to filter 99 percent of the light of the visible spectrum and allow maximum infrared light to pass through them. This helps in viewing objects even in the dark based on their infrared emissions.
  • Thermo vision: Infrared emissions are utilized to find out the temperatures of distant objects. All celestial bodies emit strong Infrared emissions. These emissions are an easy way to study about the topography as well as climate of the celestial bodies.
  • Communication: Infrared transmission is an easy way to transfer data for a short distance. Infrared finds its application in remote controls in which the Infrared LEDs are utilized to emit radiations that are focused over the Infrared acceptors. The Infrared LEDs also find their application in movement sensors such as optical mouse used in our desktop.


  • Spectroscopy: Infrared waves find their applications in analysis of the molecules.
  • Satellite images: Infrared imaging is utilized by satellites to send in the details regarding the weather and geography of a place.