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ByteLight LEDS provide location based service

Not so very long ago, the friendly neighborhood supermarket had a security guard who would greet you in recognition and the store assistants could guide you since they knew what you usually bought. However, the introduction of huge shopping malls with their multiple floors has done away with anyone able to recognize even frequent customers, making the whole affair of shopping completely impersonal. However, things are about to change. GE Lighting and ByteLight are harnessing the next generation Read more [...]

The portable LED work light has an aluminum frame

Larson Electronics has launched a new portable LED work light rated at 150 Watts. It is mounted within an adjustable aluminum frame. Christened by the company as Explosion Proof, EPL-TFM-150LED-RT-100-2023 LED Light, It is rated for Class 2 Division 1-2 and Class 1 Division 1-2 in Groups C & D. The LED work light can generate light output of 12,000 Lumens for which it needs to draw a power of 150 watts only. The light head is 16 inches by 14 inches, mounted on a tubular frame made of light aluminum Read more [...]

Ultra-dimmable first retrofit premium 850 lumens LED lamps

Ledzworld, the Netherlands Company based in Amsterdam, has launched the world’s first ultra-dimmable retrofit LED lamp producing 850 Lumens from a single source. The product AR-111 LED lamp has been developed with several notable features incorporated with the user in mind. Ledzworld is a world-renowned company that has been a pioneer in harnessing LED technology and it is no surprise that they have come out with these LED lamps to be used in various places. This innovation is considered as an Read more [...]

Are OLEDS better than LEDS?

Chances are, you still own a TV that is bulky, has a picture tube and is kept on a table. Well, with advancing technology, TVs have become slimmer and lighter, can hang on the wall and do not have a bulky picture tube. The new TVs have an LCD or a Liquid Crystal Display in place of the earlier picture tube. Now, unlike the picture tube, LCDs have no light of their own, and have to be lit with a backlight. Until recently, most LCD TVs were backlit with plasma discharge tubes or CCFL lamps. The Read more [...]

West Florida Components in the community making LED Throwies

West Florida Components was recently invited to participate in a science experiments fair held in conjunction with the USF Education Department. Each business staffed a booth where elementary school aged kids along with their families could conduct science experiments. The community event was an opportunity for families to enjoy and see the benefits of science in a fun atmosphere. The West Florida Components station was one of about 18 stations at which participants could interact and have Read more [...]

Make a 9V headlamp head flashlight

Here's an easy project that simple enough for electronic beginners, plus the supplies required are probably laying around your house or workshop. Could you buy the same thing for just a few dollars more? Sure you could, but you'd miss out on the satisfaction of assembling this project all by yourself. Here's what you need: 2 high intensity white LEDS (you can use other colors if desired) small perf board 2 470 ohm resistors toggle switch or slide switch 9V battery snap 9V battery small Read more [...]

Solar & LEDS: Tech company’s new and improved business model

Applied Materials announced this week that it was planning a major restructuring of it's business. The goal? To place a "primary emphasis" on LEDS and crystalline silicon solar panel technology. This restructuring would effect the bottom line of the company in many ways including the elimination of 400 - 500 jobs and the closing of their thin-film solar technology lab among other plans. The future of Applied Material's solar technology would focus on the crystalline silicon solar product development Read more [...]

LED Basics: How to tell which lead is positive or negative

Here are more questions we get asked a lot: What is the positive (or negative) lead on an LED? How do you determine the polarity of an LED? If you are talking about through hole LEDS, in most cases it's pretty easy to determine the polarity. If the LED has two leads, one longer than the other,the longer lead is the postive (also known as the anode) lead. If the LED has two leads with leads that are equal in length, you can look at the metal plate inside the LED. The smaller plate indicates Read more [...]

RGB Tricolor Flashing LEDS – Exciting New Product!

West Florida Components has just started to carry an exciting new product - RGB Tricolor Flashing LEDS! At first glance you might think "Why are they calling them both RGB AND Tricolor?" The reason is that each LED is actually 3 separate LEDS housed in one case. They operated in a sequence: first one color is lit at a time, then two light up, then all three. The cycle is completed when all three LEDS have been lit slowly, then begin to flash. Max voltage is around 3V. Here's a demonstration Read more [...]

7 Segment Displays

7 Segment LEDs or 7 segment displays are a type of electronic display devices used for displaying decimal numbers, in place of the more complicated dot matrix displays. 7 segment LEDs are used in a number of applications such as electronic meters, digital clocks and other such electronic devices. As the name suggests, these electronic components are made up from 7 segments that are used for displaying each of the numerals from 0 to 9. The segments are arranged in a rectangle pattern with two Read more [...]