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Butterfly Technology Boosts Solar Panel Output

We normally do not relate butterflies to solar panels. After all, bees and butterflies are good for pollinating flowers and transforming them to fruits so that nature can propagate. On the other hand, solar panels are human creations that collect energy from the sun for the use of humankind. The link between the two seems rather distant, apart from the fact that the sun is the basic force that drives all life on our planet. However, science finds the humble butterfly could be holding the key to unlock Read more [...]

Quadriplegics Can Control Exoskeletons with Their Brain

Artificial limbs help people who have lost a part of their arms or legs to regain partial functionality of their extremities. However, for those who have lost control of a major part of their bodies and thus rendered quadriplegic, artificial limbs are not of much use. For addressing such and other whole-body disabilities, exoskeletons are showing great promise. Scientists working at the Technische Universitat Berlin and Korea University are creating such lower-limb exoskeletons. The control system Read more [...]

Liquid Droplets That Levitate On a Blue Light Pad

Scientists in France have found a novel technique to levitate liquid droplets on a cushion or pad of blue light. The effect sets off a striking light show with the droplets generating sparks as they drift over the blue gap. The effect is quite like the Leidenfrost Levitation in which a liquid drop is made to levitate on its vapor layer created over a hot surface. However, while in the Leidenfrost effect, the temperature is the initiating factor, here it is electricity creating the interesting Read more [...]