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Lighting for Illumination and Indication

In our industries, lights play several important roles. Primarily, industries tend to use lights for two fundamental purposes—illumination and indication. Smart visual factories use lighting intelligently. They carefully differentiate between using it for illuminating devices and for indicating them. Fixtures for illumination light up a space in the industry, improving productivity, worker ergonomics, and enhancing safety. For instance, in huge storerooms, low bay lights illuminate areas blocked Read more [...]

OLED Lighting in the Auto Industry

In recent years, a number of industries have started using Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) in diverse ways. The automotive industry, in particular, has seen a huge potential in OLEDs. For instance, very soon Audi will be coming up with OLED taillights. At present Audi has presented prototypes of the taillights. At the LOPEC Congress, Audi provides advanced insights into the needs of the automotive industry that the deployment of OLEDs will require to meet, and the future of automotive lighting. So Read more [...]

Guiding Basics in Efficient Lighting Design

Discovery of fire and subsequently lighting has contributed hugely to the modern advancements in human life all over the world. However, only a few are aware of proper applications of lighting or that effective lighting also needs planning and design. Most people incorrectly infer lighting design to mean simply selecting lighting equipment for a system. Of course, selecting the most energy-efficient and cost-effective products is important, but they are simply the tools to achieve the design. In Read more [...]

Incandescent Bulbs May Not Be Dead Yet

If you thought that incandescent bulbs were dead and buried, well, you need to think again. Although incandescent bulbs had many things going in their favor such as a warm glow, dimming capability and low cost, efficiency was not one of them. Most of the energy that went into an incandescent bulb was wasted as heat and only a little was converted into visible light. Now, scientists at MIT and Purdue University are developing an ultra-efficient new incandescent light bulb. It reuses the heat it gives Read more [...]