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Meca500 – The Tiny Six-Axis Robot

Although there are plenty of robots available in the market for a myriad jobs, one of the most compact, and accurate robot is the Meca500. Launched by the Quebec based Mecademic from Montreal, the manufacturers claim it is the smallest, and most precise six-axis industrialist robot arm in the market.

According to Mecademic, users can fit Meca500 easily within an already existing equipment and consider it as an automation component, much simpler than most other industrial robots are. According to the cofounder of Mecademic, Ilian Bonev, the Meca500 is very easy to use and interfaces with the equipment through Ethernet. With a fully integrated control system within its base, users will find the Meca500 more compact than other similar offerings are in the market.

Mecademic has designed, developed, and manufactured several compact and accurate six-axis industrial robot arms on the market. Meca500 is one of their latest products, the first of a new category of small industrial robots, smaller than most others are, and ultra-compact.

The first product from Mecademic was DexTar, an affordable, dual-arm academic robot. DexTar is popular in universities in the USA, France, and Canada. Although Mecademic still produces and supports DexTar on special request, they now focus exclusively on industrial robots, delivering high precision, small robot arms. With their academic origins, Mecademic has retained the predilection of their passion for creativity and innovation, and for sharing their knowledge.

With the production of Meca500, a multipurpose industrial robot, Mecademic has stepped into Industry 4.0, and earned for itself a place in the highly automated and non-standard automated industry. With Meca500, Mecademic offers a robotic system that expands the horizons for additional possibilities of automation, as users can control the robot from their phone or tablet.

This exciting new robotic system from Mecademic, the Meca500 features an extremely small size, only half as small as the size of the smallest industrial robot presently available in the market. Meca500 is very compact, as the controller is integrated within its base and there is no teaching pendant. The precision and path accuracy of the robot is less than 5 microns, and it is capable of doing the most complex tasks with ease.

Applications for Meca500 can only be limited by the users’ imagination. For instance, present applications for the tiny robot include a wide range, such as animal microsurgery, pick and place, testing and inspection, and precision assembly.

Several industry sectors are currently using Meca500. These include entertainment, aeronautics, cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and health, watchmaking, and electronics. Users can integrate the compact robot within any environment, such as their existing production line or even as stand-alone system in their laboratories.

The new category of robots from Mecademic is already smaller, more compact, and more precise than other robots are in the market. Mecademic’s plans for the future include offering more space saving, more accurate, and easier to integrate industrial robots. They envisage this will enable new applications, new discoveries, new products, new medical treatments, and many more. Their plan is now to build a greater range of compact precision robots while becoming a leading manufacturer of industrial robots.