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Name Badge with the Raspberry Pi

For people who interact a lot with others, it helps to build relationships if there is a small gizmo available as a handout. Apart from being a conversation starter, this could also be an advertiser for that upcoming project or story. Most people relish being handed a freebie, and a programmable one-off gadget is one of the best. These were the exact thoughts running through Rob Reilly’s mind when he got a tiny color LCD for Christmas. He conceived the idea of a programmable name badge, as that Read more [...]

Papirus E-HAT Supports Multiple Display Sizes on Raspberry Pi

You can transform regular paper into almost anything – write on it, make origami or even change it into paper-mache. Similarly, e-paper is also proving to be a platform for realizing incredible and versatile projects. E-paper has amazing properties such as excellent visibility, paper like readability and very low energy consumption. That makes e-paper a perfect platform for making phones, accessories and digital signs. Pi Supply is now offering Papirus, a display HAT supporting e-paper displays Read more [...]