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What are Depth Sensors?

Ocean going ships typically use depth sensing techniques mainly for locating underwater objects to prevent running into them. This included gauging the distance of the sea floor. The principle involves measuring the time a burst of sound directed into the water takes to return after reflecting off an object. This time of flight gives a measure of its distance from the source of the sound, as the speed of sound traveling in water is fairly constant, depending on the water density and its temperature. With Read more [...]

How do Piezomotors Work?

Voltage applied to a piezoelectric material causes it to change its shape very minutely. Piezomotors such as Piezo LEGS are ceramic actuators that have four legs as its motors. These are designed cleverly such that the applied voltage can either elongate the legs or bend them sideways. It is also possible to synchronize the movement of each pair of its four legs such that it begins to walk just as an animal would – step by step. While walking, the legs can also stop at any instance on a nanometer Read more [...]