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Graphene Cells Generate Energy for Prosthetic Hands

At the Glasgow University, Scotland, a team of scientists has discovered a new use for graphene cells —the honeycomb form of carbon. They are using it to develop prosthetic limbs or more specifically, robotic arms with a sense of touch built-in. The world over, several researchers and their teams are trying to make synthetic skin, which is flexible, and at the same time, has a sense of touch similar to the various types of sensory receptors the human skin possesses. At the Glasgow University, Read more [...]

Amputee Patients Feel Again Using Bionic Fingers

Although prosthetics do help amputees to get back some use of their missing limb, feeling is not among them. However, that may soon be changing now. Bionics prosthetics research from EPFL is promising enough to allow an amputee patient to perceive and distinguish between smooth and rough textures. An artificial finger connected surgically to nerves in the upper part of the patient’s arm does the trick. It is expected that this advance will expedite the development of the sense of touch in prosthetic Read more [...]